The House of Striking Oaths (The Kingdom of Crows #3)

Olivia Wildenstein

Adult Fantasy


There are few people I loathe more than Dante Regio, but my aunt Bronwen, my former grandfather Justus, and my Shabbin grandmother Meriam sit right alongside the Faerie monarch on my list of despicable beings. Especially after they assist the pointy-eared ruler with my kidnapping.

Locked in an obsidian underworld no Crow can reach, not even their king, I soon learn things aren’t as they seem. People aren’t as they seem. And history… I’m still attempting to reconcile the truth with what I was previously told.

My new allies have an agenda, but I have one of my own. Though there’s overlap—we all agree Dante must die—what I desire more than anything is to return to Lore before he levels the kingdom to find me… or loses his humanity trying.

I may favor crowns over coffins, but I refuse to live in a world where my mate only exists as a bird.

Strap in for one last romantic and pulse-pounding adventure in a world governed by magic and hearts.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Look at me reading a book (series!!) that is not an ARC. I’m giving myself a pat on the back, good job to me!

Initially, this series started for me as a book club read on Instagram. I often do not connect with fae books but this one worked for me. And who would’ve thought crows could be so interesting? I had to continue the series!

These books are long, they are definitely a time commitment. However, I found myself invested with each book and not noticing the length. The characters along with the story carry so well but best of all for me was the writing. Wildenstein can describe and write beautifully. I find little passages here and there where I love her wording and the feeling it gives. Bravo!

As book 3, I will not go too into detail but I will say I was entertained throughout. My only issue with it was the high intimacy but that’s just a personal preference. It was not a problem enough for me to not continue reading.

I’m sad book 4 is not out for quite a while but I will be finding more of her books. I love a new-to-me author!

Book 1 and book 2 reviews are available on my blog.

General content summary: F words= 149, choking a person, captivity, torture (fingernails removed, some details), sexual harassment (touching), physical violence (weapons, blood, knife, deaths, multiple, stabbing, beheading), intimacy (details, multiple), pregnancy, m/m relationships, miscarriage or abortion (unclear).

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