House of Pounding Hearts (The Crow Kingdom #2)

Olivia Wildenstein

Adult Fantasy

I meant to capture the prince’s heart… and ended up with a king’s.

My desire to sit upon the Lucin throne led me to revive an ancient, winged monarch; one I deemed a friend until that friend duped and imprisoned me.

Lorcan claims he’s holding me captive for my own safety, but then he also claims I belong to him. Slumbering for five centuries has evidently given the Crow King severe delusions.

We may share an unfortunate mind-link, but we are still masters of our own destiny, and I intend to steer mine away from the Sky Kingdom and its prophecies . . . away from him.

I quickly find out there is no escaping the possessive male. In all honesty, I’m no longer certain I want to.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Ok, here I am cruising through this series! Which is not easy with the large page counts. I’m still loving the writing and story but didn’t love this one as much as the first.

I really enjoyed the location change to the Sky Kingdom and all the intrigue that brought. The crows are a fabulous kingdom and I liked learning the inner-workings.

But I have to get on my soap box. Some won’t agree with me but here it goes; She. Said. No. Aaah, huge trigger for me. I know triggers, this is what I have a blog for. This is one of my triggers! So when Fallon repeatedly said no to her pursuer and he pushed her (whether mentally or physically), I just cringed and lost all respect for him. No, just no. However, the second she started having feelings for him too– Boom! My opinion changed just like that; Ok, if Fallon has feelings, then run with them girl! But until that point I was not impressed at all with this character who was supposed to be amazing. He became amazing after she changed her feelings but I really struggled until then.

With my soapbox aside (phew!) the story moved at a great pace and I was entertained. I do not love that it left on such a huge cliffhanger, sigh, but I get it. I just can’t read it yet cause I need to get back to my ARCs. But I’ve already downloaded book 3!

General content summary: Possible SPOILER alert; the intimacy is a lot. Book 1 had some, but this one definitely got way more into the details. If this is something that makes you uncomfortable, keep it in mind before you read it. It was a bit too much for me at times but other than that I enjoyed the book.

F words= 75, C***= 2, alcohol (multiple), nakedness (few details, multiple), beheading (multiple, some details), talk of masturbation and small scene of attempting, mention of menstruation, injury from an arrow, death from poisoned arrow (some details, blood), cutting off limbs (no details), intimacy (very detailed, multiple), stabbing, captivity, battle and fighting.

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