I love to read. My kids love to read! When my kids started moving into Young Adult books vs Junior Fiction, I got nervous. I found so many books had content that I wasn’t ready for them to read.

I started this website when I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a parent’s guide for books?” From there, I endeavored to create this site as just that: a content guide for parents like us.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a parent’s guide for books?

The basis of my review system is to give a description of content in each of the books that may or may not be offensive, too mature or inappropriate for some ages. I strive to give readers and parents information about the book without spoiling the plot where possible, so readers can decide if the book is one they’d like to read. More on my review method is described here. I also place a focus on Young Adult books that are popular. I find the most need is in Young Adult because Junior Fiction and Adult Fiction tend to stay in a specific age range so the reader is typically more aware of what they are going to be reading. I review adult fiction and more but it’s less likely that I will review the content.

Reviews come out every week. Signing up for my newsletter will ensure you get the updates. You can also follow my Instagram at @kymsopenbooks. If you find you like a certain type of book (or don’t like a certain type) click on the tags at the bottom of each review page to find books that follow that story line.

On each review, I give you links to Amazon and Goodreads. This way you can look up their ratings and what people thought of the book. If you choose to buy the book, doing so through my Amazon link provides the site with much needed benefits, and I thank you in advance!

Often on this site I review books in a series. To keep track, I will add the book series name in parenthesis after the title with the included book number in the series. I may not review the entire book series but appreciate review requests for those that viewers would like to see. Feel free to request any book review from the Request a Review page.

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