Top 5 Books of 2022

Top 5 of 2022

If you haven’t noticed, 2022 has been a rough year for reading. My interest really dropped and I struggled to find books I truly enjoyed. 

Enter in these 5. I was worried my book slump was going to prevent liking anything this year but these 5 pulled out and grabbed me. Thank goodness! Here’s to hoping for more next year.

The Nazi Conspiracy. No one is as shocked as I am that I picked a non-fiction for 5 stars. While history is truly fascinating to me, most non-fiction is too dry for me to read. Enter Brad Meltzer. He’s already a fiction author so this read like fiction, which is exactly what I needed. He took different approaches from each side so other countries’ achievements were celebrated as I believe they probably truly were. The audio was phenomenal.

The Sunshine Vicram series. I can’t pick just one of the series, you’re getting all three in this spot. The Gilmore Girls humor with exciting thriller mysteries. I have never laughed so hard while listening to books. She’s sassy and has no filter so you hear every thought. That could’ve been annoying, where the humor didn’t hit well. But for me, it was such a boost. It made me laugh at the ridiculousness while being completely enthralled in the mystery.

The Way of Kings. Ah,  I cannot wait to get back to this series. I’ve read Sanderson before but this book was the one that got to me. Those characters feel like people I know. He is amazing at creating them in a world that grabs your attention immediately. All I can say is by the end, I felt my heart grew 3 sizes like the Grinch and I just wanted more.

The Last House on the Street. My poor heart! This one broke it multiple times. I do not do well hearing about any form of prejudice. This book had such extreme prejudice with horrific ramifications that my heart just couldn’t take it. Knowing that is how our world was- and sometimes still is, just broke me. It was so well written but very hard to read.

The Stardust Thief. Technically this one got 5 stars because when I initially read it, I flew through it loving every second. However, a few months later when my book slump had hit, I listened to the audio for a book club read and was not impressed. So, the debate is on whether it was the audio or my slump but I initially loved this one.

I also finished my reread of Throne of Glass. It only took me two years! But I do truly love it. Maas is amazing at world building. She definitely is a fav for that. Having the full series on my blog shows her transition into more of a New Adult genre. This series is still considered YA but definitely takes a more NA role as it concludes. 

Honorable mentions!

Books that stand out in my head for one reason or another;

Mad Honey. Oof this was a doozy! It pulled me in many directions but the information, the boldness and the love won me over. It has a special place in my heart.

The Last Flight. This was the first book in a long line of books that finally caught my interest again. 

The Family Game, The Island, The Lies I Tell, Th1rt3en take the role of grabbing my interest too. When I thought all was lost, one of these books would find me and remind me of my love for reading again.

Mika in Real Life. Beautiful, raw story.

Violet Made of Thorns. Sweet YA LGBTQ.

Out of the Clear Blue Sky. Another raw story that was honest and real. 

As always, there are a modge podge of genres which speaks to exactly who I am, but I find that’s the best way to read. I have the fewest 5 stars this year and the most 3 stars than any other year. I’m definitely picky with my 5 stars, they have to earn it! But more and more books had only somewhat interesting stories where I struggled to finish. Hence, the 3 stars. 

It was also the year of thrillers for me. While I initially started this blog to focus more on YA, I’ve struggled with YA this year. Bookstagrammers are claiming it was not the year for phenomenal YA reads. I agree. Very few stood out and I found myself requesting less and less. Luckily, multiple thrillers pulled me through and kept my attention. 

Thank you for following along and for supporting me!

Happy New Year, bring on 2023!


    • I liked that one! There were very few I liked. Are we growing out of them? They’re usually a fav.

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