It was difficult to come up with a system I could universally use to gauge the content of books. I give detailed accounts of a lot of situations.  Some information I give will ruin the plot or certain scenarios in the book.  I will reduce spoilers and be vague where I can, but when it comes to details that some people may want, I give as much information as possible. So spoiler warning!

Each person has a different opinion on what is offensive.  Parents may have specific areas of content they want their children to avoid.  Each child is also different in what content they are sensitive to.  I have one child who is sensitive to the “Potentially Intense Themes” while another child would hardly notice.  This way,  you can gauge what areas you want to avoid.


The maximum number of points a book can receive is 100. Each category is counted individually then the average of those numbers is calculated to give the book it’s total points overall.

The lower the points, the less offensive content.  The higher the points, the more offensive content.

The color range refers to the amount of potentially offensive content.  Green being the lowest, then blue, yellow and red.  The number that is given is in the color it represents for a quick way of determining the content.


Each curse word is worth one point on my rating system while f*** is worth 2 points.    Religious cursing is not included in the final tally.  Offensive terms or name-calling is not included in the tally also, it is more for your information.  If words are used in their correct and proper form, (God, bastard, bitch, etc)  they are not included in the tally.

Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking

Each encounter is given 1-3 points depending on the amounts used and duration.

Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty

Each kissing encounter is given 1-3 points depending on intensity and duration.

Sex, whether implied, brief or descriptive, is given 1-7 points depending on intensity, details and duration.

Forms of immodesty, such as cleavage, are given 1 point for each mention.

Violence, Weapons, Crime, Blood

If a weapon is used it is given 1-2 points.

Each mention of non-violent crimes is given 1-2 points based on severity.

Violent crimes are given 1-5 points based on details.

A mention of blood can get 1-5 points based on severity, details and how the injury happened.

Potentially Intense Themes

Each event will receive 1-3 points.  These are situations such as death that do not fall under the other categories.