Dreadwater Gate (The Inkweaver Archive #2)

Lisa Cassidy

Adult Fantasy

Born Nameless. Raised in ice and snow. Destined to rule.

Arya Nameless has sidestepped her destiny in favour of joining House Ravenstrike and helping Thiara Ravenstrike become High Warlord of Dunidaen. First, Arya must ensure that Thiara’s only son, Rorin, succeeds in running the Dreadwater Gate into Khadini, a deadly rite of passage that none have survived for decades. If they triumph, Arya will be named general of Ravenstrike’s army and land a political blow against their powerful adversary, Warlord Mathas Crowtalon.

Yet Khadini holds challenges far beyond what they expected. And while Arya contends with wild jungles, fierce enemy warriors, and potential new allies, the Nightstalker continues to seek her with relentless intensity. The monsters hunting her wield a dark magic she has no way of countering. Survival relies on staying hidden, secret.

Yet, when Arya’s wyvern calls, the time for hiding is over.

Because destiny cannot be ignored forever.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) In book 1 Arya who was an orphan is adopted into the Ravenstrike family. Thiara Ravenstrike is vying for the position of High Warlord of Dunidaen. One step to get there is to have Rorin, her son be named heir. To do this, Arya is to help him run the Dreadwater Gate to prove himself and that being mute is no hinderance to his abilities. The Dreadwater Gate is one that no one has accomplished successfully in decades.

This begins their journey that is full of multiple enemies, a jungle and trials they will all struggle to accomplish. But it’s also full of friendship and loyalty. They will experience adventure and conflict while also maneuvering politics, loved-ones and expectations.

One aspect of Cassidy’s books that I love are the elite women warriors. They have excelled in their skills and are fierce. Their loyalty is unbreakable. Put them against any foe and they will prevail. But don’t think this is the premise of each of her books. There is so much more. Arya has a life journey that is unlike any other. She is a character I’ve loved to see evolve. She is flawed, fierce, protective and loving. There is depth to her actions that carries the weight of many.

This world is full of adventure and conflict while also maneuvering politics, loved-ones and expectations.

Can I get some applause for Lisa Cassidy? Out of 7 of her books I have read, SIX of them have received 5 stars from me. I can 100% say there is no other author out there that I’ve given that many 5 stars to. She deserves all the praise.

General content summary: 

Very little language 

Bear attack (blood, killing it)

Poisoned arrows shot at people 

Water rafting (people falling in, injuries)

Physical violence (multiple, weapons, blood, stabbing, deaths, beheading, few details)

Battle (violence, weapons, death, blood, snapping necks, swords, details but not graphic, creatures attack, throat bites and more)

Captivity (slavery, mistreatment, whipping) 

Branding a person with metal from a fire (some details, pain, injury)

People in a family are killed (multiple, no details)

Intimacy (no details, birth control herbs)

Alcohol (multiple)

M/M marriage 

Thank you to Lisa Cassidy for trusting me with her books!

The book releases April 4, 2024.

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