A Duet of Sword and Song

Lisa Cassidy

The time of the Shadowhawk was gone. Now he needed to be more.

In the space of a night Cuinn Acondor lost his crown and almost his life. Devastated by Talyn’s disappearance, he’s on the run, fleeing from Armun and Shadow hunters who want to destroy everything he stands for. But he won’t give up. Together with the resurgent Wolves, he begins preparing to take back what Azrilan stole from them.

After killing their Shadow betrayer, Talyn is captured and thrown in a Montagni labour camp. With no way of knowing what happened to Cuinn or her Wolves, she fights desperately to find a way out, to return home to them. Like Cuinn, she refuses to give up, no matter what… even if escaping means allying with her greatest enemy.

In the Twin Thrones, the Dumnorix are banding together and marshalling their forces. Firthland has brought war to their shores.

And they intend on fighting back. 

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) Phenomenal. Another 5 star book. How does Cassidy do that?

There is so much excitement, intrigue and adventure in each of her books that I am never bored. I look forward to reading, I soak up all the details as I go.

Because this is book 4, I will not go into details of the book but I will instead talk about the series as a whole and the author.

Things Cassidy does well; 1. World building. She is my all time favorite world builder. It is dense, thorough, imaginative and intricate. Each time I read I am blown away by the details and how the story comes together.

2. Character development. I’ve said it before but honestly, when I open her books, I am greeted by old friends. They feel like people, not characters. 

3. Because of her character development, my emotions were formed early in their well being. I feel the pain, loyalty, love or anger in each one. 

4. The writing. I will read anything Cassidy writes. I will boost her books any way I can because I honestly feel this series has something for everyone. 

Now stop reading my raving review and go buy book 1. It’s $.99 right now or all the books are on Kindle Unlimited. You can thank me later. I appreciate thanks in the form of books, cookies and posting about her books. I fully expect Cassidy to make it big and I want to have a hand in that. 

This book is out September 10, 2020. Thanks you immensely to Lisa Cassidy for the opportunity to be on her ARC team.

Content mentions: mild language (no F words), sex but minimal details, war/battles, blood, killing.  This book contains a lot of war, war strategy and aggression among people.  There is also a prison camp where people are kept as slaves and treated poorly. 

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  1. Love having authors like this – Gina LaManna is mine (her books are in Kindle Unlimited too) 🤗 I’ll have to add this series to my Amazon list

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