Kill for Me, Kill for You

Steve Cavanagh

Psychological Thriller

For fans of The Silent Patient and Gone Girl, a razor-sharp and Hitchcock-inspired psychological thriller about two ordinary women who make a dangerous pact to take revenge for each other after being pushed to the brink.

One dark evening on New York City’s Upper West Side, two strangers meet by chance. Over drinks, Amanda and Wendy realize they have much in common, especially loneliness and an intense desire for revenge against the men who destroyed their families. As they talk into the night, they come up with the perfect if you kill for me, I’ll kill for you.

In another part of the city, Ruth is home alone when the beautiful brownstone she shares with her husband, Scott, is invaded. She’s attacked by a man with piercing blue eyes, who disappears into the night. Will she ever be able to feel safe again while the blue-eyed stranger is out there?

Intricate, heart-racing, and from an author who “is the real deal” (Lee Child, #1 New York Times bestselling author), Kill for Me, Kill for You will keep you breathless until the final page.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) Steve Cavanagh is quickly becoming a favorite thriller author of mine. I read Th1rt3en recently and devoured it. I’m still trying to get back to that series but I was more than excited to see this new book of his offered.

The title gives a very accurate description of what the book is about. However, don’t think that you have it figured out. There are multiple POV and twists and tangents that you’ll hardly guess.

“Injustice and grief were her weapons, molded from love, regret, and sometimes even guilt.

Two women meet and realize how similar they are with their loneliness and injustice for killings in their families. So what do they do? Agree to kill the murderer the other woman is targeting so they cannot be linked to the death. This in itself is a fascinating story that you’ll want each detail for. But more happens, betrayal is abundant and I was glued to the pages.

As with a lot of thrillers, go into this one blind and enjoy the ride, it’s well worth it!

General content summary: F words= 34

Child and spouse deaths (gun, few details)

Suicide contemplation 


Alcohol (multiple)


Smoking marijuana 

Child kidnapped then murdered 

Spouse suicide (pills)

Man accused of sexual assault on young teen and indecent child images 

Attempted suicide (pills)

Physical assault (multiple, stabbing, blood, blunt object, butt of a gun, strangulation, some death)

Pain medication (codeine, OxyContin)

Teen child killed by a gun (previous, no details)

Teen cutting themself (previous)

Teen and teacher affair (previous)

Teen death (previous, strangled, no details)

Depression, PTSD and anxiety (pills to treat)

Killings (some/quite a bit of details, multiple, blood, fighting, strangling, weapons))

Spouse death (killing, gun, few details)

Bullying (previous, physical)

Suicide (some details, jump, sometimes sounds, some details of body, blood)

Planning murders (details)

OxyContin (used for pain)

Gun death 


Body found in dumpster stripped naked and tortured 

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The book releases March 19, 2024.

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