Triptych (Will Trent #1)

Karin Slaughter

Detective Thriller

In the city of Atlanta, women are dying—at the hands of a killer who signs his work with a single, chilling act of mutilation. Leaving behind enough evidence to fuel a frenzied police hunt, this cunning madman is bringing together dozens of lives, crossing the boundaries of wealth and race. And the people who are chasing him must cross those boundaries too. Among them is Michael Ormewood, a veteran detective whose marriage is hanging by a thread—and whose arrogance and explosive temper are threatening his career. And Angie Polaski, a beautiful vice cop who was once Michael’s lover before she became his enemy.

But another player has entered the game: a loser ex-con who has stumbled upon the killer’s trail in the most coincidental of ways—someone who may be the key to breaking the case wide open…

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) Triptych delves into the dark realm of a serial killer’s reign of terror, weaving a chilling narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

As a serial killer strikes, it leaves investigators grappling with the puzzle left behind. The victims seemingly have no connections, and each murder bears few similarities. The investigators are baffled, navigating a maze with very few leads. The tension rises as the body count climbs, creating an atmosphere of suspense.

Enter Will Trent, a character who leaps off the page with relatability and authenticity. Struggling with reading disorders, he brings a unique and refreshing dimension to the narrative. His unquestionable determination to unravel the mystery adds a compelling layer to the story, making him a hero readers can root for.

“Being raped wasn’t the hard part. Surviving was what killed you.”

This book doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of its subject matter. The heavy emphasis on murder and rape details can be intense. This realism, while unsettling, contributes to the story’s authenticity.

The narrative entails complicated characters, ranging from an ex-con to a detective and a vice cop. The diverse cast creates multiple storylines that play out beautifully, adding layers of complexity to the overall plot.

This is a dark and intense journey into the heart of a criminal. With a relatable protagonist, intricate character dynamics, and a plot rich in suspense, it captivates from start to finish. For those who can navigate the detailed and gritty aspects, this crime thriller offers the exploration of determination, resilience, and the shadows that lurk within.

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AUDIO REVIEW: The only problem I had with the audio was that it told me when each CD was done! So obviously this is a backlist story, published in 2006. However, I love that PRH Audio gives us access to these old titles so it was easy to dismiss. Michael Kramer did a great job with the suspense!

General content summary: F words= 20+, Ni++++= 1, C***=1, teen girl found dead (body mutilated), description of corpse (naked body, blood, detailed), baby/child development problems, intimacy (details), infidelity, stroke victim (previous), teen girls beaten and raped (previous, few details), woman killed (beaten, raped, injuries ), some details about sexual predators and their habits, corpse/crime scene details, cocaine and overdose, masturbation, naked body check entering jail, m/m rape in prison (some details), sexual abuse (rape from mother’s boyfriends and more, few details), spousal death, statutory rape (relationship with young teen with adult male), infidelity, intimacy (some details), injury from previous suicide attempt, f/f relationship, captivity (physical violence, forced nakedness, broken bone, blood, physical violence), previous roofie drug, hard drugs, autism, rape (some details), stabbing (blood, details, death), CPR and near death. 

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