Your Shadow Half Remains

Sunny Moraine

Dystopian Novella

One look can kill.

Riley has not seen a single human face in longer than she can reckon. No faces, no eyes. Not if you want to survive.

But when a new neighbor moves in down the road, Riley’s overwhelming need for human contact makes her throw caution to the wind. Somehow, in this world where other people can mean a gruesome, bloody death, Ellis makes her feel safe. As they grow closer, Riley’s grip on reality begins to slip and she can no longer fight her deepest desires.

All Riley wants to do is look.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) An odd plague has taken over and Riley has not been close to or hardly seen another human in longer than she can remember. Then a man named Ellis moves close by and she is torn between human interaction and what is deemed “safe.”

This gave me Bird Box vibes. I loved the eerie feeling of the unknown and the tenseness I could practically feel as the story progressed. I loved learning how she was surviving and what had happened along the way. And then I loved seeing her break her own rules and search out that contact. I especially loved that I questioned her sanity.

I would have liked to know more about how long the plague had been going on and also more about the plague but that mystery just added to the story. It finished with an open ending leaving questions and the chance to make your own opinions on what happened. This is my least favorite ending for books but it fit well with the story.

AUDIO REVIEW: Sunny Moraine did a great job enveloping me in the intensity of the story. Her voice embodied suspense, thoughtfulness and curiosity exactly when needed.

General content summary: F words= 20+

C***= 1

Murder/Suicide (previous, blood stains, some details)

Suicide (many but few details)

Physical violence (bites, blood, hits, few, death)

A woman cuts her own eyes out (few details)

Bird attack (death of bird, some details)

Attempted rape (previous, some details, fighting back)

Masturbation (some details)

Killing an animal 

Killing (blood, death, some torture, some details)

Car accident (child death, no details)

M/F kisses

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