Favorite 10 of 2020

2020 was definitely a challenging year. If nothing else, I’m happy I was able to immerse myself in good books to escape reality! These are my top ten with more favorites mentioned at the bottom. The explanations are brief so check the full reviews on the links provided.

Without further adieu, here are my top 10 for the year, in no particular order;

Addie Larue. Ah, Addie stole my heart and stuck with me. I listened to this in October, thanks to Macmillan Audio. It was beautifully written. I haven’t read VE Schwab before and am hesitant to read more. I don’t want to hold her other books to Addie Larue because I’m just not sure anything will compare. I’ve never wanted to immediately start a book over after just finishing it. If nothing else, that is the tell for how stunning this book was. It was definitely my favorite of all year. Full review here.

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These Violent Delights is a YA retelling of Romeo and Juliet. I reminisced the movie with Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCapprio and just enjoyed being in their world. It’s in Shanghai and full of twists but also intricate details from the original story. It’s masterfully created and very well written. The feud is just as intriguing as it ever was. What is it about the Montague’s and Capulet’s that has us so entranced? And that doesn’t even cover the romance! That was not the main focus of the book but it brought in that familiar element we love but also threw in a mysterious monster. Need more details? Full review here.

My first space opera. I even had to look up the definition (it’s not that grand, I promise.) I’ve heard very mixed reviews of this book since. I was lucky enough to get the audio from Libro.FM and Tor and I’m glad I did. It’s very, very long. 878 pages or 32.5 hours of listening. Having the audio made it so easy to get lost in their world, it didn’t feel that long. The audio narrator became one of my favorites. She made it feel like there was a full cast. Truly though? Geeking out over all the space terminology and technology was so very fun. Check the full review here.

This is one I keep recommending for YA fans. It felt a bit like Hunger Games but with dragons. Each character was very different, each was flawed but each was likeable. The dragons were portrayed exactly how I feel they should be; smart, loyal and tough. The writing will hook you on page one and the story flows brilliantly throughout the pages. Book 2 is high on my TBR for 2021. Full review here.

Skyhunter holds a special place for me because it was my first Street Team for a book. To partner with Fierce Reads was a dream come true! I’ve been a fan of Marie Lu for years so that felt extra special. Lu knows how to write a dystopia with all the aspects I love– realistic and adventurous with characters to easily connect with. To make it even better, the main character is speaking-impaired. Props to Lu for incorporating the challenges she faced. Full review here.

This is another book that grabbed my heart. Have you seen in movies where people read a book, finish it and clutch it to their heart? Yep, this one will do that to you. It’s a very mild LGBTQ+ with foster kids, Satan’s son (yes you read that right) and enough love to make you burst. Truly. This book will wrap you in a big warm hug, then make you spit out your drink while hilariously laughing. You’re intrigued, right? Check it out here.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me post this series many times. This is book 4 and I gave EVERY SINGLE BOOK of the series 5 stars. Who am I? I’m so stingy with 5 stars so that should definitely make you pick this one up. This is fabulous adult fantasy and world building at it’s best. Cassidy is my all-time favorite storyteller. Book 4 review here.

Book 2 to Bridge Kingdom. I remember being so very sick (probably with Covid now that I look back on it) and devouring this audio while lying in bed with blankets pulled over my head. It was not a pretty sight but the audio helped distract me and enveloped me in this fantasy world that drew me right in. I’m not one for romance but this was done well. I adore the characters AND their romance. Jensen portrayed THE best enemies-to-lovers. Nothing will ever compare. Full review here.

I originally gave this book/audio 4 stars. But I have to say, it’s stuck with me. I’m bumping it up to 4.5. On Instagram, I was able to connect with the author and realized just the amount of research that she put into this. It was astounding. One of my dislikes of it was the content (content mentions in my review here) but after talking to the author, I realized the historical aspect of a lot of them. It kind of blew my mind! It was such an amazing story that was very well written and researched. Next year she is releasing a book on the Romanov’s. Insert all the heart eyes here, I’ll be first in line!

All These Monsters was not literary, did not pull at my heart strings, nothing that you’d imagine, but it was pure entertainment. I adored the aspects of the monsters and could not get enough. It’s a well done dystopia that has all the realistic aspects that I love. The teens are very flawed and beaten down from life but band together and fight scrabs (monsters) that are killing every day citizens. Tough chick adventure with mystery of the scrabs and their creation. You can tell the next book will be just as exciting. Full review is here.

With special mentions to Last Girls, The Shadows Between Us, Warrior of the Wild, Crescent City, Crave and Crush, The One, The Extraordinaries, The Suicide House, Raybearer, Sanctuary, and Fable. There were just so many great books this year!

Happy New Year to all and a good riddance to 2020!

QOTD: What were some of your favorites of the year?


  1. Yes…good riddance 2020! Looking forward to better days!
    You had a great reading year! My top 3 favs are a Hamnet, The Girl With the Louding Voice, and Transcendent Kingdom.

  2. This list looks amazing! I have almost all of these on my tbr. I’m especially looking forward to House of Dragons!

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