An Echo of Things to Come (Licanius Trilogy #2)

James Islington

The second book in a glorious new fantasy trilogy by the next major force in commercial epic fantasy.
In the wake of the devastating attack on Ilin Illan, an amnesty has been declared for all Augurs – finally allowing them to emerge from hiding and openly oppose the dark forces massing against Andarra. However as Davian and his new allies hurry north toward the ever-weakening Boundary, fresh horrors along their path suggest that their reprieve may have come far too late.
In the capital, Wirr is forced to contend with assassins and an increasingly hostile Administration as he controversially assumes the mantle of Northwarden, uncovering a mystery that draws into question everything commonly believed about the rebellion his father led twenty years ago. Meanwhile, Asha begins a secret investigation into the disappearance of the Shadows, determined to discover not only where they went but the origin of the Vessels that created them – and, ultimately, a cure.
And with time against him as he races to fulfill the treacherous bargain with the Lyth, Caeden continues to wrestle with the impossibly heavy burdens of his past. Yet as more and more of his memories return, he begins to realise that the motivations of the two sides in this ancient war may not be as clear-cut as they first seemed…

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) What a fabulous sequel! We dive right into the world that is intricate and complex, so much so, that the beginning was a bit slow with some serious info dumping. Don’t worry, the info is critical and it’s all worth it. You’ll be grateful you stuck around.  

Islington does a great job of great character development within their friendship but also individually.  Each is unique and endearing in their own ways.  Their friendship and loyalty is one of my favorite aspects.  They each have their own missions but it’s hard not to root for them to get back together again and boost each other up.

The narrator has to be one of my favorites. He has the ability to catch each voice very well, invoke emotion into the parts that are necessary and also rile up the excitement just when it’s needed. 

 There are quite a few characters and I got confused at times because of their unique names. The story builds on them and they are pivotal moments. It is definitely not an easy book to listen to.  It’s complex and needs concentration but the payout is tremendous. 

Content summary: Tragic moments, unexpected deaths, brief torture scenes and violence are common. There are details about blood but no intimacy scenes other than small kisses.

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