Fiasco (Uncharted Hearts #2)

Constance Fae

Science Fiction

Equal parts steamy interstellar romance and sci-fi adventure, Constance Fay’s FIASCO is a perfect wild romp amidst the stars.

Cynbelline Khaw is a woman of many names. She’s Generosity, a cultist who never quite fit in. She’s Bella, the daughter who failed to save her cousin’s life. And then there’s Cyn, the notorious bounty hunter who spaced a ship of slavers.

She’s exhausted, lonely, and on her very last legs―but then a new client offers her a job she can’t refuse: a bounty on the kidnapper who killed her cousin. All Cyn has to do is partner with the crew of the Calamity, a scouting vessel she encountered when she was living under a previous alias. One tiny little issue, she’s been given an additional deliver the oh-so-compelling medic, Micah Arora, to the treacherous Pierce Family or all her identities will be revealed, putting her estranged family in danger.

Hunting a kidnapper doesn’t usually mean accidentally taking your sexy new target to dinner at your parent’s house, a local mystic predicting you’ll have an increasingly large number of children, or being accompanied by a small flying lizard with a penchant for eating metal, but, as they field investigative hurdles both dangerous and preposterous, Cyn and Micah grow ever closer. When a violent confrontation reveals that everything Cyn thought about her past is wrong, she realizes that she has the power to change her future. The first part of that is making sure that Micah Arora is around to be a part of it.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Fiasco is the second book in the Uncharted Hearts series. While Calamity compliments this book, Fiasco can be read as a stand alone.

Cyn, a bounty hunter, is given the opportunity to take revenge on the man who kidnapped and killed her cousin years ago. Cyn desperately wants to be seen differently in her family’s eyes so she agrees. The only problem is, she has to hand over the notorious Micah who is not only pretty to look at but understands Cyn in a way she hasn’t experienced.

She becomes entangled with Micah in ways she does not want to admit while scouring space for the kidnapper. She is given a huge shock and it becomes the fight of her life, all with Micah at her side.

“Without a doubt, nothing good comes from trusting. Someone always winds up bloody.”

I loved Cyn and the easy banter in this book. The characters were fun and endearing while also being tough-as-nails. It was entertaining while also touching on more emotional parts of Cyn’s life and the choices she had to make. Space travel books tend to have the best characters and crew and this did not disappoint. It was full of adventure with danger lurking and deadly repercussions, and with those characters, it was never short on entertainment.

I recommend this to those who love found family with a snarky lead and a fun space story!

**Any quotes listed are obtained from the advance readers copy and may or may not also be in the final copy of this book.

General content summary: F words= 117


F/F relationship (previous)

Intimacy (walking in on m/f pleasure with some details)

Intimacy (2x, very detailed)

Physical violence (stun gun and unconsciousness, punching and kicking, multiple, weapons, blood, injuries, killing)

Child and adult abduction (multiple times purely for the ransom)

Large snake attacks (no harm)

Medical experimentation (previous, children, referenced multiple times)

Hard drugs (previous)

Anxiety and panic attack 

Person tied to a weight and put in ocean 

Murder (no details) 

Nightmares (intense)

Captivity (multiple people, tied up)

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The book releases June 4, 2024.

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