These Burning Stars (The Kingdom Trilogy #1)

Bethany Jacobs

Queer Space Opera

A dangerous cat-and-mouse quest for revenge. An empire that spans star systems, built on the bones of a genocide. A carefully hidden secret that could collapse worlds, hunted by three women with secrets of their own. All collide in this explosive space opera debut from a powerful new voice in sci-fi.

On a dusty backwater planet, occasional thief Jun Ironway has gotten her hands on the score of a lifetime: a secret that could raze the Kindom, the ruling power of the galaxy.

A star system away, preternaturally stoic Chono and brilliant hothead Esek— the two most brutal clerics of the Kindom—are tasked with hunting Jun down.

And tracking all three across the stars is a ghost from their shared past known only as Six. But what Six wants is anyone’s guess. It’s a game of manipulation and betrayal that could destroy them all. And they have no choice but to see it through.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion 

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) An empire spans throughout the galaxy but was built upon the genocide of the Jeveni people. Many took part in this deliberate genocide and are now seeing the repercussions.

The layers of this book were extensive! Take this slow and take notes of the characters. The intricacies of how each character is relevant is mind-blowing at the end.

One of the elements I didn’t love about the book were the multiple characters. I don’t believe that would have been a problem if the book didn’t jump throughout many years. The chapters were very long so absorbing all the information took more time to understand the complexity of the politics, people and lands throughout the empire.

Oh but those last 100 pages! When it says revenge, this story takes it to the next level of extensive elements intertwined throughout. This was a solid debut!

General content summary: F words= 20+, C***= 1, previous genocide, physical violence (fighting, gunshots, gun deaths, blood, multiple, details of deaths with some gore), alcohol (multiple), sexual abuse referred to (previously, multiple times), intimacy (no details), knife death (details, blood), f/f intimacy (details), gun death (some details). 

Thank you to Orbit for the copy!

The book releases October 20, 2023.

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