No One Can Know

Kate Alice Marshall

Crime Thriller

The author of What Lies in the Woods returns with a novel about three sisters, two murders, and too many secrets to count.

Emma hasn’t told her husband much about her past. He knows her parents are dead and she hasn’t spoken to her sisters in years. Then they lose their apartment, her husband gets laid off, and Emma discovers she’s pregnant―right as the bank account slips into the red.

That’s when Emma confesses that she has one more asset: her parents’ house, which she owns jointly with her estranged sisters. They can’t sell it, but they can live in it. But returning home means that Emma is forced to reveal her secrets to her husband: that the house is not a run-down farmhouse but a stately mansion, and that her parents died there.

Were murdered.

And that some people say Emma did it.

Emma and her sisters have never spoken about what really happened that night. Now, her return to the house may lure her sisters back, but it will also crack open family and small-town secrets lots of people don’t want revealed. As Emma struggles to reconnect with her old family and hold together her new one, she begins to realize that the things they have left unspoken all these years have put them in danger again.

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My Opinion

“This is our house now. Until we leave, it’s ours, not theirs. What happened here doesn’t matter. It can’t matter. That’s the only way this works.”

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) This mystery-thriller has me on the edge of my seat!

Meet Emma, whose past is shrouded in tragedy as her parents were brutally murdered when she was just a child. The suspicion surrounding her and her sisters lingers, with no proof to dispel the whispers.

Now, due to financial woes, Emma and her husband move into the very house where the unspeakable crime took place. Blood still stains the floor, and being back brings a wave of uncertainty and renewed suspicion from the town and the police.

As Emma’s husband delves into the details of that fateful night, the sisters’ harrowing experiences are laid bare. “There were people who could be a curse on those around them. Their rot infected others and it spread and spread, it got into the blood, the marrow, the lungs.”

The town and the police thirst for justice, and being back in the house stirs up more problems for Emma. The sisters forge connections, secrets unravel, and the danger that has long simmered beneath the surface rears its head once again.

No One Can Know is a gripping journey into a world where secrets, danger, and a dark history collide. If you love mysteries that send shivers down your spine, this one is a must-read!

General content summary: F words= 44, alcohol, pregnancy, parental deaths (previous), shooting deaths (previous, some details, blood), eating disorder, panic attacks, 16yo girl and 21 yo boy dating (previous), late miscarriage (previous), foster care, child (teen) physical abuse (previous), drugs and alcohol and cigarettes (underage), f/f kiss, intimacy (some details), f/f relationship, corpse details (gun, blood), spouse death, suffocation death, f/f marriage and kids, car accident (river), near drowning, someone hitting a head with large rock, suicide (gun, some details).

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The book releases January 23, 2024.

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