Secrets Never Die

Vincent Ralph

YA Horror Thriller

We call it the Dark Place. I don’t know who built it or when but, for us, it’s special.

Every year Sam Hall and his friends hold funerals for their secrets in an abandoned hut in the woods that they call the Dark Place. But this year, their secrets are coming back from the dead…to terrorize them.

Sam is a former child star whose career went up in flames – literally. And no one, not even his best friend knows why. His friends each hold a secret pertaining to the night. A secret they would all like buried.

Now someone from the past is blackmailing them with their dangerous secrets. Sam isn’t sure who he can trust, who’s watching him – or how far he’s willing to go to bury the past once and for all.

When you’re alone in the dark, some things won’t stay hidden.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

“You can’t always look away from scary things. Sometimes they’ll come for you regardless.”

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) Every year, a group of friends hold “funerals” for their secrets from that year. It’s a fun game they’ve played since they were young, it also helps lift some of the weight of the secrets. Except this year, their secrets are coming to tear them apart and be held out for everyone to see.

I found this one was creative in the creepiness. It starts out with a few events that really didn’t rankle me much. But as it progressed, the events got worse and worse to the point where I was feeling the creeps! The creepiness was done in a way that was purely psychological but was very effective. Brilliant planning on the authors part. 

General content summary: F words= 19, previous f/f relationship, current m/m relationship, previous house fire and rescue, stalking (multiple), death from a fall (previous), captivity, concussion, physical violence (weapon), head wound death, blood and injuries.

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The book releases August 29, 2023.

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