The House of Always (A Chorus of Gods #4)

Jenn Lyons

Adult Fantasy

For fans of Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss, The House of Always is the fourth epic fantasy in Jenn Lyons’ Chorus of Dragons series that began with The Ruin of Kings.

What if you were imprisoned for all eternity?

In the aftermath of the Ritual of Night, everything has changed.

The Eight Immortals have catastrophically failed to stop Kihrin’s enemies, who are moving forward with their plans to free Vol Karoth, the King of Demons. Kihrin has his own ideas about how to fight back, but even if he’s willing to sacrifice everything for victory, the cost may prove too high for his allies.

Now they face a choice: can they save the world while saving Kihrin, too? Or will they be forced to watch as he becomes the very evil they have all sworn to destroy.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) This one is just as complex as the others! People are being attacked in the dreamscape, there is a kraken attack, more resurrection and reincarnation and so much more!

The current narrative occurs while other perspectives are brought in. They’re detailed and more in-depth than we’ve had before which just adds to the layers of the story.  Relos Var stays at least one step ahead at all times and it’s frustrating to watch as Khirin struggles to prevail. Then Khirin makes the ultimate sacrifice, asaahhhh will he succeed? It’s a very grandiose plan!

This one had me spinning in circles, and oddly enough, I wasn’t as entranced. POV’s would end abruptly multiple times and while I get that was part of the intrigue, if I had to read, “Then the world changed….” one more time I was going to scream. It definitely had the opposite effect than intended. 

I have high hopes for book 5 but my attention is waning. I wondered if the series was starting to lose steam but after referencing some reviews, I’m the unpopular opinion. Which I’d actually prefer, the series has so much potential. But this one just didn’t entertain me like it did the others. Crossing my fingers for book 5!

General content summary: F words: 20+, f/f detailed intimacy, physical aggression and wounds, battle scenes and injuries, m/m kissing where a woman is kissing one of them too, possible death by suicide, attempted killing of a child.

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  1. Ffcks sake I want to read these but I don’t want to read detailed intimacy between any gender combination whatsoever, and the Left sounds real in this series. I love when you have unpopular opinions though!!

    • No, there’s not! There’s one kiss that is the most they’re “together” but nothing beyond that.

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