Jade War (The Green Bone Saga #2)

Fonda Lee

In Jade War, the sequel to the World Fantasy Award-winning novel Jade City, the Kaul siblings battle rival clans for honor and control over an Asia-inspired fantasy metropolis.

On the island of Kekon, the Kaul family is locked in a violent feud for control of the capital city and the supply of magical jade that endows trained Green Bone warriors with supernatural powers they alone have possessed for hundreds of years.

Beyond Kekon’s borders, war is brewing. Powerful foreign governments and mercenary criminal kingpins alike turn their eyes on the island nation. Jade, Kekon’s most prized resource, could make them rich – or give them the edge they’d need to topple their rivals.

Faced with threats on all sides, the Kaul family is forced to form new and dangerous alliances, confront enemies in the darkest streets and the tallest office towers, and put honor aside in order to do whatever it takes to ensure their own survival – and that of all the Green Bones of Kekon.

Jade War is the second book of the Green Bone Saga, an epic trilogy about family, honor, and those who live and die by the ancient laws of blood and jade.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) I’ve been making my way through The Green Bone Saga trilogy and wow, I’m impressed with each book!

The world building is phenomenal. The politics are so intricately designed that when one aspect is out of place others fall–and the politics are their livelihood! It’s fascinating to see how it plays out. 

Lee is not an author that is shy about killing off characters or ripping your heart out. I both love and despise this! She has created these characters that feel like real people, they have real problems and yet they use jade stones that act like magic. It’s admirable that it feels so real and believable. I’ve grown attached to them and get so worried while reading that she will kill people off! Instead of hating it, it actually makes me more invested. Who knew? You know I’m invested when I gasp out loud and yell, “What?”

I’m on to book 3! It’s a doozy at about 750 pages. I am overly excited and terrified to see what Lee does to end this series. 

Content Summary: F words: 30+, details with 2 sex scene, suicide with body and blood details, m/m sexual scene, murder, abortion, suicide debate, violence with details, torture, homophobia.

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  1. Your review has made me add this to my TBR. It sounds really good. And you know I love longer books!

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