The Inadequate Heir (The Bridge Kingdom #3)

Danielle L. Jensen

Return to the world of The Bridge Kingdom in this sensuous fantasy full of romance and intrigue that is perfect for fans of From Blood and Ash and A Court of Silver Flames.

A soldier raised as heir to an empire, Zarrah is motivated by two truths. The first is that the Veliant family murdered her mother. And the second is that her pursuit of vengeance will put every last one of them in their graves.

The Endless War between Maridrina and Valcotta has raged for generations, leaving thousands of Zarrah’s people dead and countless more orphaned. So when she’s given command of the contested city of Nerastis, Zarrah is prepared to do whatever it takes to destroy the Maridrinian forces who oppose her. And to kill the Veliant prince who leads them.

Yet a chance encounter with an anonymous, and handsome, Maridrinian causes Zarrah to question whether the violence she’s perpetrated is justice or a crime. And as she continues to meet the nameless man each night, she finds common ground – and fiery passion – in his arms.

But when identities are revealed, Zarrah must decide whether to embrace a chance at peace…or march to the drums of war.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

“War is easy, it’s peace that is the challenge.”

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) I was hesitant with this one. Jensen has this insane need to change the POV in a series. Ugh, don’t do that to me! I fall in love with the characters then throw anger darts at her when she changes them. However, I have to say props to Jensen because I DID fall in love with these characters. She’s too good! And truly? Jensen writes the best enemies to lovers, hands down! I didn’t think she could beat Aren and Lara’s story but she proved me wrong. 

“You told me once that if you truly believe in something, you should be willing to suffer for it, to die for it. Well I think that if you truly believe something, you should live for it.”

Just as in the first two books, this is full of adventure, political intrigue, romance, war, and enough excitement in between to carry the story well. I did not want to stop listening, and actually I’m about to start listening for the second time. I may just listen to all three again, because honestly, I could listen to this again and again.

The only reason it didn’t receive 5 full stars from me is that the intimacy was a lot higher than the other two books. I’m not one for a lot of spice so this difference was significant for me. The scenes were more often and more detailed. They were still done well, and with taste but was just too detailed for me.

As with the others, book 3 was only released in audio from Audible, and the book will be released May 24, 2022.

Content Summary: F words: 20+, violence (beheading and more), blood (detailed), battle and atrocities of war, torture (detailed), prostitution, detailed open door intimacy scenes, suicide.

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