Jade Legacy (The Green Bone Saga #3)

Fonda Lee

Jade, the mysterious and magical substance once exclusive to the Green Bone warriors of Kekon, is now known and coveted throughout the world. Everyone wants access to the supernatural abilities it provides, from traditional forces such as governments, mercenaries, and criminal kingpins, to modern players, including doctors, athletes, and movie studios. As the struggle over the control of jade grows ever larger and more deadly, the Kaul family, and the ancient ways of the Kekonese Green Bones, will never be the same.

The Kauls have been battered by war and tragedy. They are plagued by resentments and old wounds as their adversaries are on the ascent and their country is riven by dangerous factions and foreign interference that could destroy the Green Bone way of life altogether. As a new generation arises, the clan’s growing empire is in danger of coming apart.

The clan must discern allies from enemies, set aside aside bloody rivalries, and make terrible sacrifices… but even the unbreakable bonds of blood and loyalty may not be enough to ensure the survival of the Green Bone clans and the nation they are sworn to protect.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) How do I put a rating on a series I’ve immersed myself in for months? It’s left me with a feeling of contentment and hope. Don’t get me wrong, this series has taken me through the ringer! It’s an up and down ride that pulls at emotions and makes you get attached.

These characters feel like real people. The character development blows my mind and endears them to my heart. The fact that the series ranges over so many years endears me all the more. I’ve seen these people grow up. I’ve read their biggest fears, felt their deepest pain. To have it over feels bittersweet. 

The world of Kekon is an immense one, not in size but in power, people and jade. Jade is the core of their world and each person who wields it. “Green bones revered jade, but it was not the gems themselves that were worthy of reverence. Jade had meaning because of the type of person one had to become to wear it. It was the visible proof that a person had dedicated their life to the discipline of wielding power, to the dangers and costs of being a Green Bone.” The No Peak clan is most powerful but the Mountain clan is a close second. The two are always at war and always struggling for that top tier of power.

The clans are run like businesses and more often than not, death is one of the consequences. This can be from a disciplinary action or even to settle a score. There is always a power struggle and death is a large part of their lives. “Sometimes, it seems like violence is a destiny that’s impossible to deny.”

Lee will forever have a reader in me. The world and the people feel comfortable and familiar. This did not feel like a fantasy series. While it is in a fantasy world, it compares to many cities today. The other aspect of fantasy is the jade and what people can do while using it. Because of how the jade is presented, it doesn’t feel like magic, even though that is essentially what it is. It feels more like abilities that are learned due to enhancements the jade provide.

Content Summary: F words: 100+, murder (details), blood, a man goes to see a prostitute and he tells her what he wants her to do (no real details), infidelity, brief but detailed sex scenes, m/m detailed proposition, large explosion with building damage and deaths, torture, m/m relationship- kissing and detailed sex, attempted rape (vague, no details), suicide, kidnapping, drugs, m/m relationship.

Thank you immensely to Orbit Books for the gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.

The book releases November 30, 2021.

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