The Shadow of the Gods (Bloodsworn Saga #1)

John Gwynne

Set in a brand-new, Norse-inspired world, and packed with myth, magic and bloody vengeance, The Shadow of the Gods begins an epic new fantasy saga from bestselling author John Gwynne.

After the gods warred and drove themselves to extinction, the cataclysm of their fall shattered the land of Vigrið.

Now a new world is rising, where power-hungry jarls feud and monsters stalk the woods and mountains. A world where the bones of the dead gods still hold great power for those brave – or desperate – enough to seek them out.

Now, as whispers of war echo across the mountains and fjords, fate follows in the footsteps of three people: a huntress on a dangerous quest, a noblewoman who has rejected privilege in pursuit of battle fame, and a thrall who seeks vengeance among the famed mercenaries known as the Bloodsworn.

All three will shape the fate of the world as it once more falls under the shadow of the gods .

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) I’m not sure I knew what I was getting into when I first started listening to this audio. I’ve heard about Gwynne’s writing for some time now and knew I needed to experience it for myself. Little did I know how much I would come to love the setting of this book! He wove a tale that captured me from the start.

Gwynne is known for his elaborate worlds of human brutality and harsh worlds. He creates ferocious battles that have you cringing one minute and laughing the next. I couldn’t believe how many times he was able to do that. I did not expect humor and I did not expect to laugh but the dichotomy of the world with their humor was the best balance.

A Norse-inspired book is almost a definite must for me. There is something about the brutality and symbolism of that time. We get my favorite aspects of the Vikings but also a fantasy element thrown in with creatures and magic and more.

I don’t want to go too much into this story as I feel it is best experienced blind. I do want to say there was kidnapping, intense loyalty, family, found family, battles, oaths and many creatures. I believe I may have given it a higher rating if I wasn’t having problems to do the audio and my earbuds. I feel I missed a few parts due to those problems but didn’t realize it until much later.

All in all, I will be reading Gwynne again. I love the world and the characters and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me next!

Content Summary: This book is great for little to no cursing and intimacy but it’s very high in blood, gore and violence.

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