The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Fairy Tale

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Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking


Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty


Violence, Weapons, Crime, Blood


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The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Fairy Tale

Coral Isabella Aurora

I am a spirit. No, not a spirit guide. I am Astrid, the spirit of a star.

After Astrid, the celestial princess and north star, is cast from heaven to be a narrator, she falls into a wishing well. Emmie, an innocent thirteen-year-old genius, makes a wish on Astrid’s star that changes her classmates’ lives forever. They’re stolen into a magical world with wondrous people. They encounter eight dwarves running A’Dwarfable Diamond Couture, the owners of Fabulous Fairy Godmother Boutique, Queen Scarlet of the Wolves, murderous Prince Edwin, purrfect Prince Leo, and more.

During cases of mistaken identity, the teens trade roles with classic characters. But their quirky personalities change the fairy tale’s script. Usagi is a Judo master, Jake is painfully shy, Francis is in love with himself, Emmie is a bullied genius, Danielle is prideful and dramatic, Aurora has a service dog named Prince, Kris is a kleptomaniac, Sammie is a surfer, and Sunflower is a hippie.

Together, will they grant Emmie’s wish? Or will they be stuck in a fairy tale forever? Can they win the battle in the land of Fragmented Glass against the Ice Queen?

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads

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My Opinion

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) Astrid is cursed to be a narrator as punishment for her poor choices. She is a celestial princess and the North Star but has wrongfully led many astray.  She is sent to earth and leads many bickering teens through a fairy tale from one of them wishing on her star. 

She follows nine teens and a service dog on adventures through fairy tales we know and love. We meet Merlin, Rumplestiltskin’s son, a yeti, dwarves and more. With each adventure something new is learned and something beneficial taken away.  At the end of their journey, they fight an evil Ice Queen. Each teen has had a part to play in defeating her and they walk away stronger.

Young readers are going to love the colorful world Aurora has created among these adventures. There are magical beasts and more to elicit their imagination and get it going strong.

While the book was full of adventure, I would’ve liked to see a bit of it cut out to focus more on the ending and the character development each one had. The progress each teen made was important for their maturity and I would’ve liked more focus on that. I also would’ve liked to see a bit less description. While Aurora created a beautiful world of color and detail, there were unnecessary descriptions of each teens clothes or food and more. It was such great detail that my mind clung to it, feeling it was important for the story.  

There were a lot of characters. I see what Aurora was trying to provide by allowing each of her readers to be able to find a teen to connect with, but they were hard to keep straight. They were all very different but there were just too much to remember. Then more characters were introduced along the way before I felt I had a grasp on each of the nine teens. 

The story is told with a fun, quirky humor and while I believe most young teens will enjoy it, a lot of the humor fell flat for me. Those that love fairy tales, silly banter and coming-of-age stories will love reading this!

Thank you to Coral Isabella Aurora for the opportunity to read her book in exchange for an honest review.

Detailed Content Review









Religious Cursing





Derogatory terms etc-

Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking

A woman brings apples that she’s given a poisonous coating. She offers them to teens. A squirrel licks one and dies. A man accidentally uses the apple in a recipe and feeds it to her, killing her. 

Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty

*Minor LGBTQ+ aspects included*  

Two men appear to be married. 

A young man briefly kisses a young man. 

People give a young woman wedding gifts and is expected to marry a young man. 

Two young men are to be wed.

A young man professes his love to a young man. 

A young man briefly kisses a young woman. 

A young man admits he’s gay. 

A young man kisses a young woman.

Violence, Weapons, Crime, Blood

A young man twists a young woman’s arm behind her.

A young woman “tortured” or bullied another young woman online, in bathrooms and classrooms. When a young man tried to help, he was shoved in trash cans. Many were bullied. 

A man aims his crossbow at teens. He says he needs the organs of a specific one. A young woman grabs his wrist, kicks him, pokes his eyes, then flips him on his back. Once in a prone position, she poked pressure points rendering him unconscious. 

A young woman grabbed a woman’s arm and twisted it behind her. Teens gagged her and tied her up. 

A young woman uses a spork to hit a young man’s pressure points and he falls unconscious. 

A young woman gets cursed to prick her finger and permanently fall asleep. 

A young woman punches a young man in the face. He falls unconscious. Many young men attacked the young woman and she fought back. 

Teens were taken captive and placed in cells on a ship. 

A man shoves men overboard a ship. 

A young man kicks a man in the face then punched him and kicked him in the gut. Many men attack the young man but he fights back. 

Teens shoot cannons at another ship. Cannons are shot back. Both ships are damaged. One puts a cat in the cannon and shoots it. A young woman is thrown overboard, waves cover her. 

A woman seems to deliberately smash a fairy, crushing her wings and making it hard to breathe. 

Stalagmite people chase teens like an angry mob. 

A young man once lived in an abusive home so he ran away and lived on the streets. 

A woman claws a young woman’s waist, leaving blood. The woman uses magic to make two unconscious. 

**SPOILER** Lightning hits a woman and shadow is released from her body. Many teens pierce her heart with a sword. 

Potentially Intense Themes

A “deafening roar” is heard.

Two teen get stuck in an undertow and almost drown. 

A man falls overboard and a young woman saves him. 

A swarm of angry bee-like creatures chase two teens. 

An earthquake causes a large crack to form, a woman falls down. She screams for more than 10 min as she falls hundreds of miles into lava. 

Young children are starving. 

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  1. It sounded good and then you started listing all the characters! I am not crazy about keeping up with a ton of characters.

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