Crisanta Knight: To Death & Back (Book 5)

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Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking


Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty


Violence, Weapons, Blood, Crime


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Crisanta Knight: To Death & Back (Book 5)

Geanna Culbertson

And here I thought saving one realm was enough to fill up my to-do list.

Following the revelation that the antagonists were after the location of all of Book’s genies, my friends and I knew our Wonderland road trip was far from over. With the magic fluctuation event known as the Vicennalia Aurora days away, antagonists and magic hunters hot on our tail, and my treacherous brother Alex and I in competition to claim Excalibur, matters were becoming larger-than-life very quickly.

I was one of those matters. My Pure Magic powers of life were growing incomparably strong. As I discovered the extent of my abilities, I was being tempted by the corruption that came with them. But how could I stop? Camelot’s terrain was unlike anything we’d ever encountered. From evil kings to bloodlusting Bluebeards to the Questor Beast, I needed my magic now more than ever. This world and so many others depended on me.

And yet, as my friends and I ran against the clock, our enemies, and the prophecies of the future that pursued us like hungry shadows, I’d come to learn one thing with absolute certainty. One thing that I would keep learning again and again. In a world where my beliefs about goodness and morality were being tested, and my soul was at stake, it was not my abilities of life that were my most valuable strength; it was my friends.

They were my greatest source of magic.

Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Cinderella’s kid, combat boots, swords and magic? Sign me up! This book has all the adventure anybody could want! Book is an enchanted realm with the children of our favorite fairy tales; Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood and more. 

This is book 5 in a series and I was thrown right into fighting and excitement. I picked this one because it has a weapon on the front (totally my jam) and more importantly, I couldn’t pass up a story about King Arthur. Which might I add, in my head he totally had the voice of Sean Connery from First Knight which I haven’t seen in years! I did not complain. Best voice ever!

I loved getting thrown right in and meeting Crisanta and King Arthur and her friends but with this being book 5, I felt left out of the adventures I missed of Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz and so many more. The previous books sound just as exciting and Culbertson has an incredible imagination that just kept running. 

It’s easy to see the loyalty and love Crisanta and her friends have for one another but also to protect the realm. I was thrown through one adventure after the next and never felt a lull.

It’s easy to read and not be confused about the previous books. There are periodic stories that come back into play and there is an explanation to keep the reader up to speed. At times these were large info dumps and I learned to just keep reading and not try to remember everything because I rarely felt lost. I wish I could’ve had more Sean Connery… I mean, King Arthur, but I believe he is more present in other books.

In my content review, the violence is very high. Don’t let this scare you off. There is a lot of fighting but not a lot of blood or detail that some would find offensive. There are a few more intense scenes with death or blood but details are still minimal. 

I recommend this for young readers wanting to get into YA or anyone able to read this long of a book. Those that love adventure and a fast-paced story will love this. 

Thank you to Geanna Culbertson for the opportunity to review her book in exchange for an honest review. 

Detailed Content Review









Religious Cursing





Derogatory terms etc-

What the frack


Thank Book


Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking


Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty

*No LGBTQ+ aspects included*

A young woman wakes up to find someone has put her in different clothes. 

A man picks a young woman from a line to be his bride. She does not have the choice. 

A young man and young woman kiss briefly in greeting. 

A young woman briefly kisses a young man goodbye. 

A young man kisses a young woman.

Violence, Weapons, Crime, Blood

A flaming fireball is shot into a room. People and fairies are fighting the intruders with punches, kicks, potions, flashes of light, swords, daggers and more. A young woman rams the blunt end of a knife into a man’s chest, the blade into a thigh and slams a staff into a third. Another young woman rushes two men, stabs her knife into an arm and a young man charges him, knocking him down. A young woman throws knives then a boomerang hitting a man. She shoots an arrow at a man’s ankle. A young woman uses magic to tie hands of those she’s fighting then she punches them or swings them away and electrocutes them. She fights a young woman and electrocutes her and ties her up. A young woman kicks another in the chest, many fight, one young man holds another’s arm behind him and kicks him in the spine to subdue him. 

 A giant slams his club down trying to catch some teens, one teen sticks a knife in his calf. Another shoots a small object that explodes on its chest. They throw more at other giants and one throws a rock at them. A teen throws more explosions and knocks a giant unconscious. They fire explosions and fight the giants. One teen stabs one in the ankle with a sword. A giant grabs a young woman and opens his mouth to eat her but she uses magic and it screams disintegrating then falling dead. Some body parts were charred but some had vanished. 

A soldier fights a small, ragged clothed commoner. The commoner’s body is carried out when the soldier wins. Two men fight, one with a spiked club. 

Using magic, a woman sends light to two teens that throw them against a wall. 

A group of teens are taken captive. One sees another young teen girl imprisoned too. 

Two teens fight five soldiers. The teens knock out many soldiers then one slices the thigh of a soldier and a soldier stabs a teen in the side with a sword, he tries to fight but staggers and is punched. A young woman is slammed into the dirt while a soldier holds her neck and squeezes. The young man grabs his head and twists, sending a large snapping sound out as the soldier falls dead. Young women fight many soldiers, they knock them out and kick kneecaps and push some over railings. Cannons and arrows are shot at a group of teens. They fight back with arrows and explosions. 

Flying monkeys are trying to attack people. A young woman is knocked unconscious by the hilt of a sword. Another young woman is hit and thrown off her feet then a shield is slammed against her head and a spear is being thrust at her chest. A spear goes into a young man’s chest, a young woman attacks the man and punches him multiple times. She fights off many others. Blood stains the young man’s shirt. 

Men throw nets to catch some teens. The teens fight them off and one punches a man then is shot in the heart with an arrow and collapses. 

A young woman fights off a man with a dagger, then fights another and stabs him in the thigh. 

A young man “cut down” a man, “blood and body fell.” The young man wipes the sword on the dead man’s jacket. 

A story tells of a woman opening a door to see many bloodied bodies of women. 

A man throws a young woman across the room. Men touch her with an electric baton, shooting pain runs through her. She passes out.

Multiple young women have been kidnapped. They are given necklaces that inhibit magic so their captor has control over them but also their future husbands. They are “disciplined” daily which is torture and brainwashing. The cut off heads of girls who try to escape are shown to others. 

A young woman fights tigermen by using a blade and sword and shield. One man picks her up and throws her. He backhands her then throws her against the ground. She falls unconscious. They capture her and chain her to the wall. Blood (not hers) stains the floor below. She kicks him, he punches her.

A man and young woman fight in water. Pulling each other under, punching and she wraps a chain around his neck and leaves him in the rising water. She unleashes a tidal wave of water on others and left them to drown. 

Many men fight and are injured against an invisible magical force. 

A man drives a drill blade through a woman and kills her, then wipes the blade on the grass. 

A young woman fights men with weapons and hits and kicks. Arrows are shot at her. 

Two teens fight off a group of men. They use swords and kicks and one gets caught in a net. Another teen comes to help and they fight with swords. One young woman kicks a man in the chest then the head, knocking him out. 

A young woman uses magic to send a large wave into a group, sweeping away ⅔ of them. A young woman is mourning over a young man’s body, his blood on her hands. 

**SPOILER** A large beast uses its tail to try to kill a group of teens. It throws a tree. The teens use swords and lightning and knives and more. The beast spits acid. A young woman blinds it by throwing knives in its eyes then spears a head and breaks its neck. They fight with weapons, it spits poison, one decapitates a head, and they stab it.

Multiple arms are poking out of a lake. The arms attack and a young man falls in. 

A man grabs a young woman by the throat. A young woman ties a young woman with wires. Teens fight back and forth with weapons and kicking. One electrocutes another, they elbow and kick, electrocute again, and punch.

A young woman throws a spear and it lodges in a young man’s thigh. She holds a sword to a young man’s throat and debates slicing his head off. 

Potentially Intense Themes

A rabbit turns into a gigantic bobble head with a Rottweiler face and claws. 

A giant wears a belt made of what looks like human pelvic bones. 

**SPOILER**A young woman is brought back to life through magic. 

A man looks to be a cross between a lion, bear and troll. 

16 female ghosts appear to a young woman. 

**SPOILER** A young man is brought back to life through magic.

A large beast has 5 leopard heads with fangs, 15ft long snake-like necks, and a body with large legs. It’s teeth are poisoned for prey. It’s tale has a mace on the end.  

A young man is at the bottom of a lake, not moving, his eyes closed. A young woman swims to save him. 

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  1. Alright just reading the fighting descriptions is intriguing 🤣 I’ll have to add this to my list – I’m glad the story allows for new readers to not be hopelessly lost if they happen to start in the middle of the series

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