Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orisha #1)

Overall Content



Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking


Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty


Violence, Weapons, Crime, Blood


Potentially Intense Themes


Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orisha #1)

Tomi Adeyemi

They killed my mother.
They took our magic.
They tried to bury us.
Now we rise.
Excerpt taken from author’s website.


D***- 21

Bas****- 7

H***- 3

A**- 2

Religious cursing-

Gods- 50

Derogatory terms-

Maggot (many times)

Skies (noble curse, many times)

Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking

A guard is drunk and slurring his words.  

A man drops a bottle of rum.

Multiple soldiers smell of alcohol and they stumble.   

In an arena, spectators drink liquor.  After one game, wine is common. Many are drunk.  

A young woman sips on a bottle of wine at a party.  She smells like the wine.

The smell of alcohol is strong in an area of a town with bars.  

A man smokes on a homemade cigarette.  

Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty

A soldier grabs a young woman’s thigh, indicating possible rape but it’s not mentioned.  She is taken away by someone else.

A guard asks a young woman how much the going rate is for her.  

A young man takes off his shirt and a young woman blushes.

Two young children streak naked to the pool.  

A young man watches a young woman in a pool.  Possibly naked.

A young woman kisses a much older man while a body lays on the floor in front of them.    

A young man bends down to kiss a young woman, he has one hand in her hair.  

A brother tells his sister that a young man is just trying to get between her legs.  He tells her that their mom died only so she could be that man’s whore.

A young man is filled with want for a young woman.  He has to hold back to not run his hands over her curves and to press her against a tree.  He brushes against her ear with his lips. He later pushes her up against a tree, rubs his hands up her back and kisses her neck.  She moans. She pulls him closer and digs her nails into his back. He kisses her passionately then runs his thumb over her lips. She grabs him and kisses him again.  He touches her thighs and kisses back and forth between her mouth and neck. She wants to let his hands search and wander.

Two people kiss softly, twice.  His fingers brush against her lips.  She sees the gaze that makes her know he wants to take her to his bed.  She passionately kisses him. His hands slide up her back and she wraps her legs around his waist.  He lowers her to the ground. They kiss and touch. She realizes she wants him. She tells him to keep going as he drinks in her body.  She kisses him and requests again. No more details.

A man makes a crude joke about his “sword.”   It’s very vague.

A man invites a young woman to his room that night.  Sex is implied but not spoken. She refuses.

Violence, Weapons, Crime, Blood

Soldiers wrapped chain around a mother’s neck, she screamed as they dragged her,  they later hung her corpse from a tree. Blood trickled down her neck. Many others are hung that night also.  A father was beaten so much that he couldn’t speak for months.

A group of women train and practice fighting.  Their weapons are staffs.

A teacher smacks the back of a young woman’s head.  

Soldier’s carry swords.  

A young woman dreams of knocking a soldier off his feet and crushing his throat with her staff.

A soldier grabs a young woman by the hair.  He slams her to the ground, puts his knee on her back and grabs her thigh.  

The young woman get lashes on their behinds for infractions.

A man chokes for air as his king grabs him by the neck.  He later plunges a sword through a young woman’s chest. Her corpse fell to the ground, blood spreading around and coloring her white hair.  The stench of blood fills the air.

A young woman carries a staff and a rusted dagger for weapons.  

A drunk guard chokes a young woman.  She wants to grab her staff and fight.  

A young boy is hit and bleeding.  A cane is put into his back, burning his flesh.

A young woman is hiding from the guards.  If they find her they will kill her on the spot, starve her in prison or take turns raping her.    Another young woman helps her and points a dagger in a merchant’s throat for a hiding spot. She gets her staff and smacks a guard on the back of the head then on his sternum.  She then kicks his jaw. Multiple guards follow with swords. Eventually they are corned and encircled by guards pointing swords at them. There a black panthers ready to pounce and a large snow leopard who looks hungry for blood.  She throws a bottle of rum with fire. Guards brandish weapons to stop them running. Swords are swung, staff is used, she also kicks at the guards as she passes. A guard is bloody from her firebomb. They are encircled again, one assumes this means death and she plans for it.  The young woman’s large lion scares the men away.

A young woman grabs another woman by the neck and squeezes.  She is pulled away.

A king killed many, many people in what they refer to as the raid.  He burned them. A man still remembers how it smelled. The king did it to protect his power.    

A king demands a village burned to the ground.  A young woman watches as her home village burns.  She hears screams for help. She searches for her family.  She tries to go into her house that is burning. The floor she is standing on collapses into the water,  Four people couldn’t escape and died. A soldier grabs a woman by her hair and holds a sword to her throat.  Soldiers drag charred bodies through the sand. The blood of a father stains a young boy’s hands. A soldier vomits at the sights.  Another soldier is beaten fiercely for starting the fire too soon. A child’s charred body is seen. A soldier grabs an old woman by her hair and holds a sword to her neck, causing blood.    

A young man grabs a young woman by the throat in a dream.  

A man is killed with a throwing knife.  Blood splatters.

While in an underground tavern, a trap releases poison and a group of 3 collapse to the floor.  They sway tied up.

Blood magic is used.  A elder slices a young woman’s palm to retrieve blood.  

A man uses magic to throw two soldier’s animals off a cliff.  The animals fall to the bottom and are impaled, blood surrounding them. The people are safe.  

A soldier throws a knife into an old man.  Blood spurts.

A guard slashes his sword down, refusing to let two women get water.  

For sport, ten ships fight with cannons and such to kill each other.  Many are killed by cannons or drowned. People watch and cheer. Slaves later have to clean the gore and dead bodies.  

A boy is beaten and bleeding because of a soldier.  

A young woman raises thousands of dead in a boat battle.  They are to outlast 29 other boats. One ship is blown up by a cannon.  Bodies go flying, the water goes red and bodies sink. She can feel the pain the bodies felt when they died. She uses the bodies to break apart the other boats.  Enemies board their boat. One young woman cowers and a young man blocks a blade from getting her, getting him cut instead. Blood stains the deck. The water is thick with blood.  A young woman bites her own skin to use blood magic. After succeeding, she starts to drown. Another young woman has a man killed in front of her, blood pooling in his mouth, as a knife protrudes from his neck.  This young woman pierces a man straight through the gut and kills him. One young woman wonders what it would take to throw the announcer into the blood-filled water and drown him.

A soldier holds a sword to another soldier.  The male soldier tackles the female soldier and she elbows him.  The male uses magic to silence her. Blood trickles out of her ears as she struggles.   It leaks from her eyes, mouth and nose. She dies.

A soldier slices a man’s chest and holds onto his neck tightly.  

A man points his sword at two young woman.  She is pointing her staff to kill. They fight, trying to kill each other.  A group of people come and capture the animals and people in nets. One man takes a blow to the head, falling unconscious.  A young woman has a cloth held to her mouth and nose and passes out. A man straddles a young woman to kill her with his sword but he is stopped.  A young woman smashes a man’s hand with her staff, multiple times.

A soldier slaps a servant and her rings cut the boy’s face.  

A young woman and young man are abducted and tied up.  

A young woman saw her family killed.  She was a small child.

A young woman raises dead spirits again and orders them to attack.  

A young man punches another young man, his face is bleeding and bruised.  He then thrusts a dagger into his leg twice. He holds the dagger to his chest.  A young woman hits another young woman in the throat. She then grabs a dagger, but instead punches her face and the young woman passes out.  An arrow hits a young woman’s arm. A young man gets in front of another young man as he tries to throw a fireball at a young woman.

A man’s family was killed and burned.

A young woman holds a dagger to another young woman demanding she help her beaten friend.  

A sister shoots her brother with magic, making him bleed.  

A large group of guards breaks into a village,  large panthers are held back from attacking. A young woman is shot with an arrow in her gut.  Blood spreads against her clothing, then she buckles and falls. The guards unleash arrows on everyone else.  The panthers are released and they bite through legs. A guard slashes straight through a small child’s body. A man runs toward the guards, slashes his hand for blood and calls on blood magic.  Fire streams from his body, incinerating anything in his way. His flesh bubbles and sears. He dies providing an exit for his people. The guards grab a young woman by her throat and chest and take her captive.  The village is burned. Many people have died. Corpses lay everywhere.

A young woman is captured and tied up above the ground.  A man grips her face, causing blood from his nails. He threatens to cut off her hands.  Another man comes in and slices a knife to the young woman’s neck. He then sticks a hollow needle into the cut and pours a liquid into her vein.  She bucks from the pain. A soldier takes a dagger and cuts the back of her dress off. They heat the knife and slice her back. A young man punches and kicks the men off her but he is restrained.  He can smell her burning flesh. She is screaming. They sear the word, “maggot” into her flesh. She relives this torture many, many times.

Three people take a guard, tie him up, threaten him and shove a rag into his mouth.  When asking him questions, they threaten him with an axe. They then kick him in the forehead, causing him to pass out.  Others from their group have made firebombs with alcohol, they break into a building and attack the guards. They are met with soldiers holding swords.  One man uses fire magic, attacking. One melts their swords, another causes disease that kills them. A young woman wants to chop off the king’s head. Soldiers catch fire.  Panthers run on fire. Soldiers are incinerated, arrows are turned around and shoved through the shooter’s armor. A young woman’s blood drips down. A young woman slices a soldier’s thigh.  Another gets the man’s head, causing him to fall.

A young woman throws a man over her shoulder, smacking him on the rock floor. She then rams her staff into his sternum.  

A man asks how he should kill, drowning or slicing throats?  No killing is requested. Faint screams are heard, then silence.  Dozens of guards are unconscious, stripped of their uniforms.

A group of people are ambushed.  They have weapons ready, faced with weapons.  They have a young woman’s old father held hostage.  He has been beaten. Later, an arrow pierces a man’s chest, leaking blood on to the ground, killing him. His blood spreads onto a young woman‘s fingers.  Two soldier’s are attacked, blood spills, there are holes in their chests. Another attack is toward a young man. A soldier uses his body to block the attack and is killed.  Many more soldiers are killed with multiple arrowheads. A man pushes his sword into a younger man’s stomach. Blood is oozing through the young man’s finger’s, the man pulls the sword out and crushes the young man’s hand with his boot.  A young woman uses a blade, a young man uses an ax. They fight many guards. Blood is oozing through a young man’s lips, a man is going to chop off his head. A young woman slices through his thigh, he strikes for her heart but she blocks it.  He strikes across her back, then angles for a killing blow. But she moves and pierces his heart with her sword. Blood spills onto her hands, then she pushes in the blade farther as he dies.

A young woman slices her hand to use blood magic.  

Potentially Intense Themes

Soldiers hate a group of people.  They threaten them, tax them excessively and would kill their families if they rose up.  

An old father is drowning.  He was struggling to breathe but waves cover him.  His son tries to save him and eventually succeeds. There is a memory of a son drowning, and not breathing.  Magic brought him back.

A young woman has a hideous large scar on her spine.  It was caused by her brother when her father made them spar with swords.  

A young woman finds a fractured skull on a pile of bones.  There are many more bones.

While in an underground tavern, a trap releases poison and a group of 3 collapse to the floor.  

While walking on a rickety bridge, it breaks and she is left hanging onto it as it bangs along the cliff.  She tries to pull herself up but it breaks again and she falls.

Some children are in chains. Everyone is this village is dirty, tattered and starving.  

Black magic is used quite a few times.  

A young woman visits her mother who died years before.  

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