Red Sky Mourning (Terminal List #7)

Jack Carr

Military Thriller

You think you know James Reece. Think again.

A storm is on the horizon. America’s days are numbered. A Chinese submarine has gone rogue and is navigating towards the continental United States, putting its nuclear missiles within striking distance of the West Coast.

A rising Silicon Valley tech mogul with unknown allegiances is at the forefront of a revolution in quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence.

A politician controlled by a foreign power is a breath away from the Oval Office.

Three seemingly disconnected events are on a collision course to ignite a power grab unlike anything the world has ever seen.

The country’s only hope is a quantum computer that has gone dark, retreating to the deepest levels of the internet, learning at a rate inconceivable at her inception. But during her time in hiding, she has done more than learn. She has become a weapon. She is now positioned to act as either the country’s greatest savior or its worst enemy. She is known as “Alice” and her only connection to the outside world is to a former Navy SEAL sniper named James Reece who has left the violence of his past life behind.

Will there be blood?

Count on it!

Will the forces that threaten to destroy the United States be enough to light the fuse of Reece’s resurrection?

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

“And where there are monsters, there are those that rise up to slay them.”

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) If you haven’t read James Reese books yet, what are you waiting for? Terminal List on Prime is a show based on this series. I’ve seen the show and loved the character and his backstory so I was excited to receive this from Atria.

Reece is living under the radar with his fiance when they are attacked. This leads to him getting involved in a huge conspiracy that is right on the brink of war. From here were are led to China and other countries all while Reece interacts with an AI named Alice. She is a super computer that has become a weapon but sometimes she acts how she sees fit, and not how she is programmed.

Alice was a great addition to the story. It played into the intrigue of AI but also added more due to the changes she could make to herself. In the wrong hands, a — like Alice could be detrimental to not just the US but the world. The story is information-dense which brings the reader the knowledge needed to understand all aspects of these life-changing decisions that are made. I loved the tenacity of the people opposing Reece as they had some very interesting actions. Especially the ones that were connected to treasonous US citizens. Luckily, Reece and his crew were prepared for almost anything.

“Crush the enemy, bring his men home.”

The end was a fast-paced ride full of turns and revelations and of course life-threatening situations. I held my breath a few times hoping for certain outcomes, all while the author took me on journey I didn’t expect. That was definitely one of the best endings to the book! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you love military thrillers or spy novels with terrorist involvement, then this is the perfect series for you!

General content summary: F words= 20+

Parent deaths (multiple from COVID)

Spouse death (suicide during COVID, few details)

Abortion (previous, regret)

Cigarettes and cigars 

Helicopter crash (previous, some details, intense moments while fighting others, hospital)

Prison (previous, small cell with no light and no visitors, mind games)

Deaths of many family members and friends (previous, grief, some in terrorist attack, multiple)

Car accident death (few details)

Plane crash (previous, terrorist, some details identifying bodies)

Explosion (life threatening, guns)

Physical violence (weapons, blood, injuries, death, details of killing, violent killings, cattle prod, grenades, life-threatening injuries, near drowning, slit throats)

Gun injury (details of blood, body, intense scene, surgery and care details)

Seeing people that have previously died (multiple)

China and aborting female babies (mention)

Captivity (nakedness, injuries)

Torture (talk of how to do it; eye removed, sexual humiliation and more, actual torture; tube inserted into nose then expanded, tube inserted into urethra then expanded, tube inserted behind eye then expanded, details)

**Any quotes have been taken from the advance readers copy and may or may not be in the final, published copy.

Thank you to Atria Books for the copy!

**As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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