Bloodsworn (Ashlords #2)

Scott Reintgen

YA Dystopia

Three cultures clash in all out war–against each other and against the gods–in the second book of this fantasy duology that’s sure to capture fans of The Hunger Games and An Ember in the Ashes.

The Races are over. War has begun.

Ashlord and Longhand armies battle for control of the Empire as Dividian rebels do their best to survive the crossfire. This is no longer a game. It’s life or death.

Adrian, Pippa, and Imelda each came out of the Races with questions about their role in the ongoing feud. The deeper they dig, the clearer it is that the hatred between their peoples has an origin point: the gods.

Their secrets are long-buried, but one disgruntled deity is ready to unveil the truth. Every whisper leads back to the underworld. What are the gods hiding there? As the sands of the Empire shift, these heroes will do everything they can to aim their people at the true enemy. But is it already too late?

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

“The Races are over. War has begun.”

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) The end of book one brings such excitement that flows right into book two. Because of what happened in the races (which might I say were bold and impressive), war is declared.

I have a hard time reviewing the second books in a series because I don’t want to ruin book one’s climax. But that ending shook some bones and rattled what everyone had known. In this book, so much is revealed! There are secrets, betrayal is high, there is lying, conspiracy, traitors and destiny and all of it is disrupting the world they have known.

“Change the game. Make them play by your rules.”

Leave it to all the bada$$ teenagers to solve the world problems and more. History is made and it’s remarkable and exciting. That end was fabulous and Reintgen did a great job of blowing me away. I found myself rooting for them and cheering them on. That has to be one of my favorite endings of all time.

AUDIO REVIEW: Rebecca Soler, Andrew Eiden and Lauren Fortgang had me riveted. I got to know their voices and POV better in this book and could identify the characters easier. With so much happening, these three did well with increasing speed when something exciting was happening. It added intensity where it benefitted the story.

General content summary: 

Little language 

Physical violence (knocking unconscious, fist fights)

Battle (multiple, explosions, weapons, blood, deaths, some details, sometimes the horses attack horses or people)

M/F kisses 

Creatures (attack, blood, death)



Slaves (age 3 and up)

Many die in fire (few details)

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