Kiersten White

Adult Horror

The challenge: spend a week hiding in an abandoned amusement park and don’t get caught.

The prize: enough money to change everything.

Even though everyone is desperate to win–to seize their dream futures or escape their haunting pasts–Mack feels sure that she can beat her competitors. All she has to do is hide, and she’s an expert at that.

It’s the reason she’s alive, and her family isn’t.

But as the people around her begin disappearing one by one, Mack realizes this competition is more sinister than even she imagined, and that together might be the only way to survive.

Fourteen competitors. Seven days. Everywhere to hide, but nowhere to run.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

A high-stakes hide-and-seek competition turns deadly in this dark supernatural thriller from New York Times bestselling author Kiersten White.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) Fourteen competitors and seven days to hide. Win, and it’s enough money to change her world. No problem for Mack, she is a pro at hiding, she’s been doing it her whole life.

Here I am looking for more spooky reads! This one has such a great premise, I couldn’t help myself. It has the perfect set up for missing persons, a scary perpetrator and more.

I only got to know the characters briefly which I find in many horror novels. I really wanted to like these characters enough that I’m yelling when they are chased or die. I find that horror novels would scare us so much more if we felt we knew these characters and really didn’t want them to die. However, this one stayed with the norm and did little character development. It was entertaining and a bit scary but not enough for me to love it. It had hints of M. Night Shayamalon which was fun and unique. And while the main character was likeable, I wanted to understand her more and get more details into her gruesome past. I also needed a bit more closure to the end, it ended abruptly. But it was still a fun read. 

Audio Review: The narrator didn’t do voices which I liked. She just told the story and it worked well. I would’ve liked a bit more emotion in her voice during intense times, there wasn’t as much climax to the moments that were needed.

General content summary: F words= 20+, C word: 1, language, previously a young child went missing and was murdered, previous parental death from cancer, childhood illness, story of a father killing his family then killing himself (few details), teen remembering her sister after being killed, teen remembering a killer looking for her (multiple times), gunshot wound (death? And blood), f/f kiss, previous cult living (polygamy?), menstruation, many people are killed (few details, some blood), a sometimes invisible creature stabs and beheads someone (blood), previous parental death, someone steps off large height and dies, physical violence, previous car accident death and survivor, previous spouse and child abuse, physical disability from military, gun shots at people (some blood).

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