The Valkyrie’s Daughter (The Helheim Prophecy #1)

Tiana Warner

YA Fantasy

A thrilling, intricate, and romantic #OwnVoices LGBTQ fantasy that builds on Norse mythology into a beautiful story all its own.

For as long as Sigrid could remember, she’s wanted to become a mighty, fearless valkyrie. But without a winged mare, she’s a mere stable hand, left wondering who her parents were and why she’s so different. So when the Eye shows her a vision where she’s leading a valkyrie charge on the legendary eight-legged horse Sleipnir, she grabs the possibility of this greater destiny with both hands, refusing to let go.

Too bad that the only one who can help her get there is Mariam, an enemy valkyrie who begrudgingly agrees to lead her to Helheim but who certainly can’t be trusted―even if she does make Sigrid more than a little flustered. As they cross the nine worlds, battling night elves, riding sea serpents, and hurtling into fire to learn the truth about Sigrid’s birthright, an unexpected but powerful bond forms.

As her feelings for Mariam deepen into something fiery and undeniable, Fate has other plans for Sigrid. What happens when the one thing you think you were meant to do might end the nine worlds?

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinio

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) Sigrid’s dream is to become a Valkyrie, the fearless team of warriors. However, being a stable hand gives her no possible chance. When a vision shows her leading the Valkyrie, she does everything possible to make it happen.

You know me, I’ll read most anything based on Norse mythology. This has all the makings of an exciting story, but sadly it didn’t grab me. Sigrid falls into the regular YA trope of a lowly girl dreaming for higher standing. Then a secret (identity) is revealed and everything changes and she embraces her destiny. I just wanted more. I wanted it to be unique and enthralling but my attention waned. My personal preference is to avoid anything to do with love triangles and this triangle was very predictable.

I feel the “rules” of the dead (who was dead, why they were dead, why some couldn’t see them, etc) became a lot to remember and I was never quite sure what was going on. I also couldn’t remember the details about Hel and the living that seemed so vital to the story. Did I miss something? It’s a great premise that seemed well thought out but just wasn’t portrayed well enough for my brain to grab. I also wonder if Sigrid’s naivete wore negatively on me.

Content Summary: No language, someone born in the body of a boy follows their heart and becomes a girl (Transsexual), f/f sleep in same bed (no intimacy), f/f kissing, creatures attack leaving blood and some gore, physical violence with weapons and blood (multiple), young women taken captive, death and grief, corpses come to life.

Thank you to Entangled Teen for the gifted copy!

The book releases July 26, 2022.

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