The Favor

Nora Murphy


A gripping debut domestic suspense novel, The Favor explores with compassion and depth what can happen when women pushed to the limit take matters into their own hands.

Staying is dangerous. Leaving could be worse.

Leah and McKenna have never met, though they have parallel lives.

They don’t—ever—find themselves in the same train carriage or meet accidentally at the gym or the coffee shop. They don’t—ever—discuss their problems and find common ground. They don’t—ever—acknowledge to each other that although their lives have all the trappings of success, wealth and happiness, they are, in fact, trapped.

Because Leah understands that what’s inside a home can be more dangerous than what’s outside. Driving past McKenna’s house one night, she sees what she knows only too well herself from her own marriage: McKenna’s “perfect” husband is not what he seems. She decides to keep an eye out for McKenna, until one night, she intervenes.

Leah and McKenna have never met. But they will.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Immediately I was drawn into these abused women’s lives. How could they have “never met” but yet do a “favor” for one another? I had to know!

Both women are at their lowest. The men they thought they married slowly turned into something they did not expect. Enough so, that they wanted out. The unfolding of details was horrific and gripping to say the least. But these women were also determined to be survivors. We get each woman’s perspective which made the details even better, but we also hear from the detective. Having each perspective gave the chance to be all-knowing and made the story even more gripping.

How it played out worked a little too perfectly but I was not upset. It was what needed to happen and only boosted the story. I loved the intricacies of the favors and I loved the details of the detective investigating the case. It’s a fun, quick, edge of your seat thriller that I recommend!

General content summary: F words: 3, language, alcoholism, intoxicated driving, miscarriages, infertility, emotional spouse abuse, suicide contemplation (brief), physical spouse abuse, multiple crime scene details of murders, multiple head shot wound descriptions.

Thank you to Minotaur Books for the gifted copy!

The book releases May 31, 2022.

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