The Echo Man

Sam Holland

Crime Thriller

Sam Holland’s chilling debut draws inspiration from infamous serial killer cases, culminating in the ultimate, heart-pounding copycat tale.

Detectives Cara Elliott and Noah Deakin are on the case of a series of seemingly unconnected murders, each different in method, but each shocking and brutal. As the body count increases, they can’t ignore the details that echo famous cases of the past—Manson, Kemper, Dahmer, and more. As Elliott and Deakin get closer to unmasking the killer, the murders are moving closer to home.

Meanwhile, Jessica Ambrose is on the run. She’s been implicated as the arsonist who killed her neglectful husband and injured her young daughter. With the help of disgraced and suspended detective Nate Griffin, Jess discovers a shocking link between her case and that of the ultimate copycat killer working on his horrifying masterpiece.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) Two detectives are investigating multiple murders that are shockingly brutal but seemingly have no connections. Then, a whammy of a detail is a smack to the face. Worst. Scenario. Possible. They scramble to find the killer as the killings get more intense, and closer to home.

I am stunned! I was on the edge of my seat for this entire book. I’ve never read anything like it and that’s probably a good thing! It’s sick and twisted. This serial killer is more intense than any fictional one I’ve read before (but not more so than real serial killers). The details were a lot. The intensity was a lot. My heart was tugged in so many ways that I felt stress and mourned right along with these characters.

The characters were well written and I felt like I was going through the experiences with them, living these horrific moments of realization and panic. Scrambling to connect the dot for any minute detail that might help.

I’ve always said serial killers fascinate me, but this was a whole new level. It was fascinating and horrible all at the same time. Like a car accident you can’t tear your eyes from even though you don’t want to see. I ate up all the details and watched this train wreck barrel towards these unsuspecting characters until the end. Oh that end! Even as it was playing out, I was thinking, “no way!” and more and more came. I was covering my mouth in shock as my eyes bugged out of my head. I could not read fast enough!

There are a few different types of crime thrillers; Finlay Donovan (Elle Cosimano) is entertainment without gory details, Patricia Cornwell has details but from a medical/forensic matter-of-fact point. This is gruesome because it’s the scenes as someone is seeing them for the first time or as he’s doing it. Many officers are puking and leaving the scene because of the nature of what has happened.

I am shocked this is Holland’s debut! All the applause, I will hesitantly pick up every book he writes as I expect the train to come barreling at me. However, I would greatly appreciate a book 2 because wow, my mind has not let go of that ending yet. For the love of all that’s good and holy, do not leave it at that! It’s cruel and shattering and brilliant.

General content summary: I will preface this content summary with; this book is not for the faint of heart. There are many details- gruesome details, sexual details (the killer enjoys this in a sexual nature), and more that is not for the squeamish or easily offended. Multiple officers were puking at crime scenes, and rightly so. Those details start on page one.

F words: 20+, intimate scenes with few details, infidelity, self harm, news of animals being gruesomely killed, house set on fire with people inside, crime scene (blood and more) details (multiple times), body details of how they were murdered, references to rape, previous sexual abuse, suicide references, a child mutilates and kills 2, self intimacy, the killer enjoys the killings in a sexual nature.

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The book releases April 5, 2021

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  1. Thanks for all the content warnings on this one. Sounds too intense for me – even too much beyond my “I don’t read thrillers”.

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