Awaken (Beautiful Nightmare #2)

L.C. Son

“Some nightmares exist beyond our dreams.”

Arising from a month-long slumber after discovering she’s more than human, Damina Nicaud moves beyond her dreamscape as a brand new supernatural world unfolds. Torn between a new love and a love once lost, Damina grapples with her own predestined fate as she seeks to understand the origin of her lineage.

Coupled with Dacari’s sudden disappearance and the ticking time bomb set by Decaux, a new fight emerges and new enemies are revealed. Damina must now rely on the men at her side to aid her quest to find her cousin while battling growing threats on the horizon.

But is their desire to claim her as their own stronger than the dark forces closing in all around them?

Journey back to New Orleans with Damina Nicaud as she awakens with new eyes, diving deeper into the supernatural world of the Order of Altrinion, Scourge vampires, Skull wolves and more as she wrestles with love, loss, betrayal and pain.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) I have read a few of LC Son’s novels and I can say that this one is definitely my favorite. There is drama (the good kind), left and right. There is revelation after revelation and the intensity is high!

Damina is stuck right in the middle of two amazing men. I truly could not tell who she favored. I don’t think she knew! But Jackson is a wolf and Dalcour is a vampire. The supernatural world was exciting and unpredictable. Each page was filled with something new and exciting and I never felt bored. 

There were a few things I didn’t love. First off, the guys. I have to preface this by saying love triangles are not my fav. Because of that, take this with a grain of salt; It was truly a tug of war. I liked some scenes but would have preferred less. I wanted more scenes that did not involve something about one or both of them. Because Damina is my fav. She’s tough and thoughtful and a great all-around character. I wanted more of her without the guys.  While she needed them, I missed her standing on her own like she did in book 1. I also noticed a lot of exclamation points (I have that problem too! See?!) and descriptions of the guys scents.

Son has a great way of bringing you into the story easily. We get facial expressions, smells, sights, tone of voice and thoughts. I always had a vivid picture in my head. There was action throughout. And while there were quite a few details to remember (I’m still a bit iffy on some), it made for excitement on every page. Truly!

Content Summary: The language is very mild. There is violence and killing but not a lot of details with blood. There are sex scenes in the end but they are well done with some details but not every detail.

Thank you to L.C. Son for the support she always gives! She’s fabulous to give physical books and inscribes each one. I love the extra effort she puts in to that. She also has pretty pictures of trees and more on each page. I love the extra touches.

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  1. I always love the Lousiana setting when it shows up in books. I used to live there and I’m a little biased.

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