Elements of the Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria #1)

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Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking


Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty


Violence, Weapons, Blood, Crime


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Elements of the Crown (Elements of Kamdaria #1)

Kay L. Moody

Talise has a gift that could save her life.

In an empire divided into three rings, seventeen-year-old Talise is from the outer ring. This dangerous and crime-laden land has one constant… death.

Her only chance for escape is to become Master Shaper—an honored position in the palace court and military. Each year, the emperor chooses one student to receive the title.

After ten years of training at an elite academy, Talise clearly has a gift for manipulating the elements of water, air, earth, and fire. But Aaden, a handsome student from the privileged inner ring, is poised to steal the title away from her.

When they come before the emperor, he is impressed with the great skill both Talise and Aaden possess. He presents them with a set of trials, and she knows this is the chance she needs to prove herself. As long as Aaden doesn’t ruin everything.

But secrets hide in every corner of the palace, masking a conflict far more dangerous than her previous home in the outer ring. Now, she must play along with the emperor’s lies and games, or else she will lose her life to an enemy she never expected.

This book includes novellas 1-4 of The Elements of Kamdaria: Ice Crown, Wind Crown, Dust Crown, and Flame Crown.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) Talise grew up in the Storm, the worst place to live in Kamdaria. Most people do not live long in the Storm because the hunger and malnourishment take a toll. The only way for her to make it out and survive this life is to make Master Shaper for the Emperor. Being Master Shaper is an honored position within palace court and military. She learned long ago that she was good as shaping the elements, if she is able to shape all four of the elements; air, water, earth, fire, then she will have the best chance.

While full of adventure and suspense, it felt quite young and I had a hard time picturing Aaden and Talise as 17 and older.  I never did connect with the characters but Aaden was my favorite because he was morally gray and it made me intrigued about him.

There were quite a few fighting/battle scenes but the fighting was very mild. They used elements like air to trip people or earth to throw rocks, ice to make walls etc and in a different book, this wouldn’t jive. Psychological warfare doesn’t win wars when the other side is still trying to kill you. But for this book, I liked it for the aspect of younger kids being able to read it.

All in all it was predictable but enjoyable. It did feel long but I think that’s because it’s 4 books in 1. However, I feel a younger crowd will love it. It’s perfect for those wanting to get into YA or who enjoy the milder content.

Thank you to Kay L. Moody for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. The book is available through the links, or you can buy each novella separately on Kindle form below. They are also available on Kindle Unlimited.

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Religious Cursing





Derogatory terms etc-


Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking


Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty

*No LGBTQ+ aspects included*

A young woman and young man kiss. They pull each other closer and don’t make the kisses gentle. 

A young woman and young man kiss.

Violence, Weapons, Crime, Blood

A young woman and young man fight multiple men. They use water, ice, dirt, fire and air. The men use them too. They use walls of fire, air to knock down, ice to freeze their feet, tornadoes of dirt, tornadoes, air to throw things, ice darts, dirt clods. A man jerks her arm painfully behind her back, she elbows him. She holds a knife to a man’s throat and threatens to kill him. She later throws a knife at a man and it catches his shirt, pinning him to a wall. Multiple men are tied up.

A man steals jewelry. 

A man spits on a young woman.

A man’s entire squad has been killed by the enemy. In a previous attack, it was a “bloodbath” where many were killed and some taken prisoner. 

A young woman once saw a man keep fighting although his arm was cut off. 

Two teens throw water with power like a waterfall at enemy soldiers. Some step into water and a young woman turns it to ice.  She throws rocks at soldiers. Many fall on spears, a young woman watches as life goes out of a soldier’s eyes. Soldiers climb over their dead fellow soldiers to keep going. Arrows shoot from above, many are hit and fall. Soldiers climb over the bodies. “The ground was littered with their bloody bodies. Muddy footprints covered many of the fallen soldiers’ tunics. Limbs were twisted at strange angles.”

A few teens find a soldier among the dead who is still alive. He has a bleeding gash on his head where they can see through to his cracked skull. His eyes roll in his head and he starts shaking uncontrollably. He gurgles and coughs blood then stops, dead. 

A soldier cuts a young woman with his sword. An arrow hits him and his sword and body crush a young woman. A young man’s face is cut with the sword. 

A man has given a young man multiple bruises in his face as a punishment. 

Men and teens fight with all the elements. Some use swords. They mostly use dirt, fire arrows, tornadoes, wind and such. One had a bloody cheek, one had burned kegs and another had a dagger in their shoulder for wounds. 

A man hits a young woman over the head, knocking her out. She is taken captive. In the prison, many prisoners are brought down and executed soon after. A man threatens her with fire sparks and claws at her chin, drawing blood. She hits him with dirt that knocks him out. He later tries to  burn her with fire. 

A man threatens a young woman with death. 

A young man pierces a man’s chest with his sword. 

A soldier throws fire at a young woman and burns her slightly. A soldier jumps on her back and holds a knife to her throat. She elbows and stomps on his foot and smashes his nose. Another young woman fights off many with a sword. She stabs a man with her dagger then he knocks her to the floor, pinning her and holding a sword to her throat. A man stabs a man in the heart. A young woman “falls” under a sword. Arrows are shot at the teens, two soldiers die from arrows, a man is shot in the heart and falls dead from an arrow. Many fight with elements and swords. A large rock is thrown at a soldier. A woman has blood running down her leg. A vase is cracked over a young man’s head and knocks him out, they take him captive. A man and young woman punch each other, she knocks him unconscious. A man punches a young woman, knocking her out. A young man punches him multiple times. 

Potentially Intense Themes

A young woman heard of her mother’s death. She’s distraught and angry, throwing things. She died of malnourishment.

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