Tiger’s, Not Daughters

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Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking


Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty


Violence, Weapons, Blood, Crime


Potentially Intense Themes


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3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) My favorite part of this book was the multiple POV’s. You not only heard from each sister, but a group of boys from across the street. In this troubled family, one daughter is tragically killed. Each sister is grieving in her own way. Their personalities are very different and I liked seeing each way they grieved. They struggled separately and I felt the power they would have if they relied on each other.

The sister who died has stuck around. They are only briefly given a glimpse that she is. Each one struggles or embraces it differently. I was confused by this aspect of the story. This was not labeled as paranormal and I felt the story needed to either have more of it or less. For most of the book, I struggled with what the point was. You are a part of each sister’s life but is the book about grief and loss? The ghost of their sister? Family problems? Self discovery? The last 1/4 of the book was exciting and kept me entertained and I didn’t struggle with the questions as much. However, I don’t feel that it fully made up for the confusing parts of the book.

The content was high in language. There are 39 F words and a few others scattered throughout. Sex was talked about but no real details. There is violence from a boyfriend that some may find difficult to read.

I received this advanced listening audiobook from Libro.fm and Algonquin Young Readers in exchange for an honest review.

Tiger’s, Not Daughters

Samantha Mabry

The Torres sisters dream of escape. Escape from their needy and despotic widowed father, and from their San Antonio neighborhood, full of old San Antonio families and all the traditions and expectations that go along with them. In the summer after her senior year of high school, Ana, the oldest sister, falls to her death from her bedroom window. A year later, her three younger sisters, Jessica, Iridian, and Rosa, are still consumed by grief and haunted by their sister’s memory. Their dream of leaving Southtown now seems out of reach. But then strange things start happening around the house: mysterious laughter, mysterious shadows, mysterious writing on the walls. The sisters begin to wonder if Ana really is haunting them, trying to send them a message—and what exactly she’s trying to say.
In a stunning follow-up to her National Book Award–longlisted novel All the Wind in the World, Samantha Mabry weaves an aching, magical novel that is one part family drama, one part ghost story, and one part love story.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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Detailed Content Review


F***- 39

H***- 3

S***- 14

A**- 2


D***- 1


Religious Cursing-



G**- 1


Derogatory terms etc-

Dumb whore

Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking

A party has alcohol for teens. A teen drinks vodka and sprite. 

A woman sips a beer while at a bbq. 

Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty

A young woman undresses in front of window every night and young men watch. 

A girl’s dress lifts up showing her underwear and lower part of her bra. Young men see.

A young woman has sex in the back of her boyfriend’s car. She cried and bit his shoulder. 

A young woman would sneak out and come back with messy hair and clothes. Assumptions of her sleeping around. 

A couple are “going at it” and his hand is up her shirt groping her. They are in a room with many people. Their kissing noises and tongues can be heard throughout.  A young woman then grabs the young man and kisses him just the same and puts her hand up his shirt.  

A young woman wrote about wanting to find a guy to have sex with so she was able to describe it for a book she was writing. 

A couple made out even though the girl didn’t want to. 

Violence, Weapons, Crime, Blood

A young woman lashed out at a priest and is held back by others while carried away. 

A boyfriend grabs his girlfriend’s wrist and squeezes hard. He does this at another time, her fingers going numb and pulling her shoulder out of socket. He grabbed her elbow and squeezed harder. 

A boyfriend grabs his girlfriend’s neck hard and twists her hard. 

A young man pushes a young man’s face, the young man punches him back, causing blood to drip down his face. The first one grabs the others shirt and punches him again, people heard a crunch. Blood drips. They fight back and forth hitting and grabbing each other. Blood is spraying. 

A boyfriend slams his girlfriend against the car seat, hard enough to see stars. He pressed his head hard against hers. He squeezed her arms very hard and she screamed at him. 

A father pushes his daughter onto the couch forcefully. 

While tugging on a young man, he spins around and backhands a young woman hard enough for her to fall and smack her head on the car. A young woman pushes him, he grabs her hair and pushes her. Another young woman hits the young man twice with a lamp. 

The shadowy image of a ghost appears and a young man is heard screaming. The ghost locked the door. 

Potentially Intense Themes

A young woman is killed after falling out of a window. Some people wondered if she leapt out. 

A young woman sees the hand of her dead sister. Another sees her newly written words. Another believed she broke the tv. Ripped books. Her shadowy image appeared once. A young woman feels the pressure of her once. 

Young men see the ghost of a young woman. 

A woman dies after childbirth. 

Young women accidentally hit an animal with their car and it explains the wet thump of it hitting and bump of the car. One runs out to the animal and a car comes the other direction, pulling one of them under the tires. 

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