Champion (Legend #3)

Overall Content



Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking


Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty


Violence, Weapons, Crime, Blood


Potentially Intense Themes


Champion (Legend #3)

Marie Lu

June and Day made sacrifices… for the Republic and for each other. But neither could have predicted the circumstances that would reunite them once more.
Excerpt taken from back of book.


H***- 24

S***- 2

A**- 1



D***- 16


Religious Cursing-


Chr***-  chrissakes


Derogatory terms etc-

Goddy- 15

Trot- 2

Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking

A young man has prescription cigarettes that bring on hallucinations. He smokes these a few times throughout. 

When a young man kisses a young woman, he tastes vodka. 

A man offers to share a bottle of wine with a young woman. She agrees. They both sip wine for some time. 

A young man is dosed with painkillers after an injury. They later give him an injection of some sort of medicine.  He needs to be on “radical drugs” for a specialized treatment. 

Doctors stick a long needle into each arm of a young woman. They inject “chemicals.” 

A syringe is injected into a young boy’s arm. They take a blood sample. They also give him a handful of pills. 

Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty

While dancing, a young man and young woman press their bodies close. She gently brushes his lips with a kiss. Their kisses grow more urgent. She pushes him against a wall kissing him. He flips her around then pushes her against the wall, then kisses “greedily” along her neck. 

A young woman thinks about kissing a man. She later wishes for a young man to kiss and hold her. 

A man knows of another man’s affection for him. He uses it to get him alone then kisses him. The other man backs away then kisses him back. 

A young woman sees a man after his shower with no shirt and wet hair. 

A couple kiss. He kisses her cheek, jaw, under her ear and her neck. 

A young woman places her hands on a young man’s face and kisses him. He touches her face, he then pulls her so close she gasps. They collapse backward onto a bed. His hands run down her body. She takes his coat off. He kisses her neck. He unbuttons her shirt, she unbuttons his. She has imagined what it would be like to be with him. Sex is implied but it’s somewhat vague. He sighs in relief, she kisses him, “letting him know that I’m okay.” He kisses her cheeks, she pulls him closer.  He runs his fingers along the curve of her body while laying in bed. 

A 14 year old kisses a 16 year old in exchange for her not ratting him out to the police. 

A young man “fooled around” or “had a little fun” with multiple girls. 

A young man quickly kisses a young woman. Later she gives him a quick kiss. 

A man kisses a woman on her birthday. 

Violence, Weapons, Crime, Blood

Many senators have been executed for an assassination attempt. Later, the leader threatens a senator, reminding him of those deaths. 

A man is on trial for 2 separate deaths and the execution of 12 protestors. He is deemed guilty and sentenced to a firing squad. A woman is too. She states that she has drained blood from prisoners, she’s killed mighty men, and left prisoners shaking. 

A young man jokes about using knives for killing as well as for butter. 

In a dream, Airships burn the land below in an act of war. A young man’s brother is dead. 

A soldier is bleeding from the shoulder. 

Four soldiers are pleading, one gets knocked in the head. They are to be interrogated and possibly shot. 

A young man throws a fit in a doctor’s office and shatters someone’s glasses. He threatens to break necks. They tied him down. He threatened to burn down the hospital. 

A man recounts an order to kill another man. The man already has a knife in his shoulder, surrounded by blood. One man realizes if he doesn’t kill the other then the man will be tortured, nails ripped off, with screams for mercy. So he takes the knife and stabs it into the man’s chest. Blood leaked from his mouth. The man died staring at the man who killed him. 

A young woman practices shooting. She imagines a leader pointing a gun on her. 

A young man who is sneaking around, cuts his hand and grunts in pain catching the attention of a soldier. The soldier lifts his gun to shoot him but is hit with a knife in the neck.  An explosion knocks soldiers off their feet. Another explosion. The bombs are destroying jets. Another explosion. A bullet shoots past a young man’s ear. He throws a knife at some soldiers, and one drops. Another soldier has a gun and he turns and shoots multiple others behind him. They fire back, he is shot and his head is flung back violently as his body goes limp. 

A young woman is shot 3-4 times. She falls and starts to convulse. Blood has soaked her clothes. People desperately try to save her but she slowly dies. A young man who helped her leaves a bloody handprint. Another explosion, then multiple more. 

A video shows a desperate person shield their face from a soldier’s gun. 

A leader threatens a young man with killing a girl but making the young man responsible. 

A young man sees a blood stain from his mother’s death. 

A young woman puts her hand on her gun. A bullet is shot right where she was standing. Another. She grabs her gun and another bullet comes close, then another. She aims her gun. They shoot back and forth but each miss. 

There is rumor of a bomb that can level the entire city. 

A young man remembers a test where his life was at stake. His two sisters both died in their test. 

A boy breaks into an airship, steals food and sets it on fire. 

A young man passes out small explosives to cripple their enemy’s transportation. 

A young man realizes a trap he’s in could possibly get him killed by a leader. 

Soldiers enter with guns drawn. A young woman reaches for her gun but realizes she doesn’t have it. A soldier tries to hit her, she grabs a knife and slashed his calf, she kicks another’s face, knocking him out, she blocks the blow of another, and she smashes his nose, hearing a crunch. She kicks at a gun, sending a bullet ricocheting, then kicks again sending the gun into the soldier’s face. She elbows him hard in the face but is hit across the back of her head and falls. Another young woman hits a soldier knocking him unconscious. Bombs explode in the distance. 

A young man remembers breaking into a bank and setting off a small explosive. He now carries small explosives hidden in his shoes. A man vaguely implies he will kill a leader and his associates. 

A young man runs from a leader, bullets fly by him as he jumps a large distance, exploding small bombs to break windows. Larger bombs are heard. He falls and hits a building, and worries soldiers will shoot him. 

A building is bombed, sending glass all over. Civilians take to the streets with homemade weapons. Fighter jets are everywhere. Some chasing others. Explosions are common. One explosion hits a building, knocking people inside off their feet. A shooter is on top of a building so many soldiers shoot back. A bullet hits an evacuee, blood spraying. A young woman watches as a man falls off a building. She shoots a soldier specifically in a spot that’s not fatal. Then throws his gun. She knocks him out then points her gun at another. Gunmen are shooting down at a crowd. A young man is shot twice, he screams in pain. A young woman shoots at a woman’s head. The woman fires at her. The young woman lunges and kicks, her head snapping back. She hits her in face with her elbow then the woman grabs her arm, trying to break it. The young woman stomps on her arm. The woman strikes her face, she sees stars then kicks the woman’s head. The young woman takes the momentum of the woman lunging at her and flips her overhead. The woman falls over the edge but not before grabbing the young woman’s arm. Her arm pops out of its socket and she screams. She later has to pop it back in while screaming.  Soldiers shoot and kill her as she falls. Two gunshot wounds on a young man are spilling blood. He loses consciousness slowly, a young woman screams. 

Potentially Intense Themes

Some biological weapons have possibly formed a plague. 

A young man gets severe headaches from a tumor-like thing in his head. He is given months to live. At one point he blacks out from the pain. 

An alarm sounds, an attack is coming.

A character comes down with a plague virus that is said to kill within a week. Another is patient zero. Two characters get numerous medical tests that make them sick. 

When someone dies, a relative visits him from the afterlife. They have a short conversation. This person is sent back to live, but remains in a coma. Amnesia comes after they wake. 

Another spirit of a relative keeps his sister company and offers advice a few times. 

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