The Empowering ADHD Workbook for Women

Are you overwhelmed by a million racing thoughts and a never-ending rollercoaster of emotions? Then keep reading.Do you constantly feel on the edge of burning out? Like you’re always either stuck in hyperfocus or hyper-fatigue?

Do you feel held back at work or in relationships? Do you live in constant fear of rejection, criticism, or judgment?

Do you feel like putting your house in order is as big of a task as climbing Mount Everest, even though the clutter around you makes your mind feel cluttered too?

Have you always felt like you didn’t quite fit in?

I know. I’ve been there.

Imagine having a switch to silence the constant chatter in your brain. Imagine feeling accepted and understood for who you truly are.

Did you know that only 3.2% of women in the U.S. are diagnosed with ADHD compared to 5.4% of men? That’s 69% more diagnoses for men when the prevalence is about the same!

We’ve been unseen for far too long. But the tide is turning, and adult women are now the fastest-growing group diagnosed with ADHD.

Inside this complete guide, specifically tailored for women, you’ll find a treasure trove of practical tools, hacks, and proven strategies to help you manage your ADHD symptoms.

But you don’t just want to survive with ADHD; you want to thrive, right?

With the guidance of this book, you’ll learn to make peace with ADHD and embrace neurodiversity to unlock your full potential and live with clarity and confidence.

Here are just a few of the transformative tools and strategies you will discover in this

15 proven strategies to slow down your racing thoughtsFacts and fiction when it comes to ADHD and womenThe mindset shift you need to embrace neurodiversityThe 7-step guide to regulating emotionsHow to craft your own sensory diet to address sensory problemsHow to manage your hormones and their impact on ADHDThe three simple steps you need to tackle the floordrobe (you know, that pile of clothes on the floor). And many more hacks to create a calming homeHow to make peace with your bank account and curb emotional spendingThe 3-step formula you need to set healthy boundariesHow to navigate your relationships with friends, family, and professionals. We’ll even talk about sex, baby!All the tools to harness the power of ADHD at work and tackle impostor syndromeAnd much more!From the American Psychiatry Association to the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the U.K., leading psychiatric associations emphasize that lifestyle changes can improve ADHD symptoms, with or without medication.

If you’re ready to make ADHD work for you rather than against you, then “Empowered Women with ADHD” is the book you need, even if you have the attention span of a goldfish and feel like you’re drowning in a sea of information.

It is a practical guide written by a woman with ADHD for busy women with ADHD. You can start implementing strategies right now and at your own pace.
-Excerpt taken from Goodreads […]

How to ADHD

In this honest, friendly, and shame-free guide, the creator of the award-winning YouTube channel How to ADHD shares the hard-won insights and practical strategies that have helped her survive, even thrive, in a world not built for her brain.

Forget “try harder.” When your brain works differently, you need to try different .

Diagnosed with ADHD at age twelve, Jessica struggled with a brain that she didn’t understand. She lost things constantly, couldn’t finish projects, and felt like she was putting more effort in than everyone around her while falling further and further behind. At thirty-two years old—broke, divorced, and living with her mom—Jessica decided to look more deeply into her ADHD challenges. She reached out to experts, devoured articles, and shared her discoveries on YouTube.

In How to ADHD , Jessica reveals the tools that have changed her life while offering an unflinching look at the realities of living with ADHD. The key to navigating a world not built for the neurodivergent brain, she discovered, isn’t to fix or fight against its natural tendencies but to understand and work with them. She explains how ADHD affects everyday life, covering executive function impairments, rejection sensitivity, difficulties with attention regulation, and more. You’ll also find ADHD-specific strategies for adapting your environment, routines, and systems,

• Boost the signal and decrease the noise . Facilitate focus by putting your goals where you can see them and fighting distractions with distractions.
• Have less stuff to manage. Learn why you have trouble planning and prioritizing, and why doing more starts with doing less.
• Build your “time wisdom.” Work backward when you plan, and track how long it actually takes you to do something.
• Learn about your emotions. Understand how naming your emotions and letting yourself experience them can make them easier to regulate.

With quotes from Jessica’s online community, chapter summaries, and reading shortcuts designed for the neurodivergent reader, How to ADHD will help you recognize your strengths and challenges, tackle “bad brain days,” and be kinder to yourself in the process.
-Excerpt taken from Goodreads […]

Momma Cusses

Join the millions of fans who love Momma Cusses, TikTok’s #1 Parenting Unexpert!

There are lots of experts out there who will tell you they have the magic recipe to raising perfect humans. Gwenna Laithland is not one of them. She’s one of us. Frustrated, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Her relatable representation of parenthood validates our experiences. In Momma Cusses, Gwenna uses her signature style of snark and sarcasm to explain her interpretation of responsive parenting vs. reactive parenting and outline the steps she takes to raise her kids. Whether you are a parent or someone who has had a parent, we all need to
learn how to handle our emotional spirals responsively.

Now we can all be in it together by tackling some of the hilarious yet all-too-real scenarios Gwenna outlines in her book, including:

Mom guilt vs. mom shame

Get in control of your emotions

Get in control of their emotions

Accessible, digestible, and rooted in reality, Momma Cusses helps readers with navigating family dynamics and cultivating emotional resilience for everyone.
-Excerpt taken from Goodreads […]