Vow of Thieves (Dance of Thieves #2)

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Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking


Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty


Violence, Weapons, Blood, Crime


Potentially Intense Themes


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My Opinion

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) “When you have no strength left, you have no choice but to reach deep and find more, and then share it.”

This is such a great series! I feel invested in these characters. I feel like I know them, I cheer with them, and I mourn with them. Pearson does a great job of bringing emotion into their backstories and to make you feel for each individual character. This way, you feel more when good or bad things happen to them. She is also great at bringing so much good adventure and action. And my favorite part? The romance. That is very much NOT like me! I like the adventure in books and the romance is just an addition. In this book, the romance made the book that much better. It was natural, it flowed well and it wasn’t too cheesy.

The main characters were put in impossible situations. Nothing was easy. nothing worked quite as planned. But, they worked with what they had, they focused on the people around them and how to make their situations better. The end was perfect for the series and left me content.

The content was high for violence with fighting and weapons a lot. Blood was mentioned but not in great detail. The intimacy was a bit more BUT, in my opinion, totally within YA standards. The romantic nights stopped at an appropriate time and picked up much later. I recommend this for teens on up who love adventure or romance or both.

Vow of Thieves (Dance of Thieves #2)

Mary E. Pearson

Kazi and Jase have survived, stronger and more in love than ever. Their new life now lies before them―the Ballengers will be outlaws no longer, Tor’s Watch will be a kingdom, and the two of them will meet all challenges side by side, together at last.

But an ominous warning mars their journey back, and in their rush to return to Tor’s Watch, just outside the fortress walls, they are violently attacked and torn apart―and each is thrust into their own new hell.

Unsure whether the other is alive or dead, Kazi and Jase must keep their wits among their greatest enemies and unlikeliest allies. And all the while, Death watches and waits. 

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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Detailed Content Review



H***- 10

S***- 1

A**- 10

B****- 3

D***- 10

Bas****- 7

Religious Cursing-



G**- 11


Derogatory terms etc-

Bloody saints

Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking

A man drinks wine.

Drinks are served at a party. 

A man drinks wine. A young woman joins him. 

A group drinks ale with dinner. 

Ale and wine are served at a party. 

A couple are served liquor. 

Intimacy, Sex, Immodesty

A man walks in a room naked. A young woman watches him. After dressing, he kisses her neck. They kiss multiple times. 

A man kisses a young woman multiple times then he pulls her to the ground. 

A drunk woman falls in a man’s lap and kisses him. His hands roam over her hips. 

A man asks a young woman if she’s ready, she says they’ll take it slow. She pulls his shirt off him and fingers his chest. He wonders how slow he can take it? They kiss. 

A man threatens to “take something else.” Vaguely referring to sex. 

A young woman unbuttons a man’s shirt and kisses his chest “while hands explored other places.”

A man kisses a young woman. Softly, then harder. He later kisses her and pins her down, fumbling with her shirt and sticking his hand up. 

Very vague mentions of men planning to rape women are mentioned. It doesn’t happen. 

A man kisses a young woman and takes off their shirts. He kisses her tenderly on the shoulder and between her ribs. (Sex implied but no details.) Then they lay next to each other, their energy spent. 

A man kisses his wife many times throughout. 

There are a few very vague sexual innuendo. 

Violence, Weapons, Crime, Blood

A young woman has been stabbed in the gut. 

A man is hit multiple times with arrows. He collapses. A young woman fights off men with a knife, cutting one’s head off. A hood goes over her head but she kicks out and stabs behind her. She is stabbed in the gut. She killed 3-4 before being captured. He is captured. She is kept and given barely enough food. She is hit on the back of her head. 

A man grabs a young woman’s throat then throws her against a wall. 

A man brings a bag that contains a hand. 

Someone throws a rock at a young woman’s head. 

A young woman pushes a man against the wall and holds a blade to his neck.

Two small groups fight with weapons. One is pushed in a fire and stabbed. Another has a knife held to his neck, then a knife goes into a man’s cheek then chest. A man’s head is sliced off, another gets a knife to the head. A man’s head is caved in, another has a leg mostly cut off. 

A man looks over to see a sword tip come through a man’s chest, blood spraying. 

A group takes a man by force. They hold a knife to him. He tries to escape and they leave him sealed in a crypt to die. 

A man lunges toward a young woman, pinning her against the wall and choking her. 

A young woman slashed a man’s throat and shoved his body away. 

A man strikes a woman, knocking her down. A woman slashes his face and chest. Arrows are shot. An explosion sends a young woman through the air. Another explosion causes her pain and blood. 

A man puts a young woman in a headlock and holds a knife to her. 

A man punches a man. 

A young woman is held captive with a chain around her neck. 

A young woman is thrown out of a tower to her death. 

A man lets poisonous dogs attack a young woman chained to a pillar. She is bitten badly but the poison burns inside her, making her in and out of consciousness for days. She is scheduled to be hanged. 

An explosion causes some soldiers to fall off a roof.

A man slits two men’s throats with his sword. 

Poisonous dogs are sent to attack some men. Others are killed with a sword. It is very bloody. Others are killed with arrows. After an explosion, many soldiers’ bodies are strewn about and bloody. 

A man previously killed his father.

A woman is hanged. Her body is blowing in the breeze. 

A man has broken many bones of his female prisoner. She looks unconscious. 

Two men sword fight. A group throws knives. Two more sword fight, one ending with a sword through his chest as he watches the blood seep. Two stab a man in his spine, hearing it crunch, then he collapses. Another is stabbed in the chest. Two men roll around fighting and punching excessively.  One plunged a knife into a chest, hearing the crunch of bone. Blood pulsed. A man is hit in the ribs with a hoe. 

A young woman slashes a man’s stomach and thigh with a knife. Blood drips. He lunges, she stabs her knife upward into his gut. He falls, dead. 

A man previously took a woman and she was forced to be a wife. 

Potentially Intense Themes

A man admits to taking his sister’s body from a tomb and reburying her somewhere else, per her request. 

Multiple bodies hang from tree branches. One has gray skin and has small icicles. Another one, a young woman recognizes. 

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