Amnesty: Love and Betrayal

Kay Elle

The open-minded, fed-up and most of all dying to be rebellious teenage daughter of two mentally diseased, wealthy and snobby parents, Sahona affectionately known as Honny, finds herself forced to grow up way too fast. The shock of an unbelievable rejection gives her the strength to pull through many tough situations along with the help of Ian, the love of her life. There is absolutely nothing Ian wouldn’t do for Sahona, even literally put his life on the line. The test of time and circumstance forcefully and dramatically reveals just who Sahana and Ian really are and just how deep and real their love is. Unknowingly to them it’s literally a life or death race against time that may have already run out. This story follows Sahona and Ian from innocent teenagers to questionable adults. Everyone in this story has a mirror to look in and a choice to make or not make. Forgiveness is the key to all the character’s lives but some may not be willing to open that door.

-Excerpt taken from Goodreads.

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My Opinion

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Elle put her heart and soul into this book. You can hear the passion in her words and feel the love she has for writing.
This story sent me through a roller coaster of emotions. Multiple times. I never knew what to expect and how to interpret what was happening. I sometimes didn’t even know who to root for, I just knew I had to keep reading.
I loved the main characters and their story. I was surprised to find myself connecting with them in many different scenarios and each one brought up feelings from experiences in my own life. I’d turn the page and then I would feel a completely different emotion. The way Elle was able to find those emotions in me is pure talent. Her writing is simple and easy to read but can fill you in ways you least expect.
I did not like the ending (why would she do that??) she threw a loop in there that killed me, but she made up for it later.

The content was high with sex and language, including F words. I recommend this book for romance lovers and anyone who needs to feel a wide range of emotions.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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